2024 – Q2 Updates – Email Integrations, HawkSoft Integration, minor updates

Send emails directly from the policy details section, create templates with personalization fields. Import new prospects into HawkSoft with a 3 clicks. … Read More

2024 – Q1 Updates – Search Menu Refresh

Search Menu It was getting a bit overwhelming with the additions, so each section is now collapsible.  You’ll see a little red dot next to sections with active filters.  We also got rid of the annoying page refresh that would … Read More

2024 – Q1 Updates – Map View

The map is here. … Read More

2024 – Q1 Updates – New Search Filter, Notes Page, Zapier, MA Available, NY gets better

We added a new search filter, notes page gets an enhancement, Zapier is available, and a new state and data addition. … Read More

2023 – Q3 Updates – Group Updating, Notes Page & Miscellaneous Improvements

Added a Notes page, Edit multiple records at once, name badge for user added contacts & more. … Read More

2023 – Q1 Updates – New Search Enhancements, More History, Calendar Link Fix

Part 2 updates include new search options, historical PEO & Agency data, and few key fixes. … Read More

2023 – Q1 Updates – Notifications, Exporting Features

This year we’re kicking off with Notifications. New OSHA violation? Rate increase? Added Locations? Be the first to know. … Read More

2022 – Q2 Updates – Multi-State Search now Available, Tweaks to TalkPoint and AgencyDash

Searching multiple states is now supported. Added more sorting options for the list view and tweaked TalkPoint. … Read More

2022 – Q1 Updates – CRM Base Integrations, TalkPoint, Numerous Tweaks

CRM Integrations are available for beta testing. TalkPoint, Carrier Comparison and numerous improvements await. … Read More

2021 – Q3 Updates – OSHA & Carrier Report, AgencyDash, url/profile Link Editing, Enhanced Class Descriptions

The OSHA Report got a face lift to make it WAY easier to read. Carrier Report is revamped and optimized for each state’s data availability. Users can now edit or add websites or contact profile links. Benefits interface now has list view icons. Even the Class Lookup pages got an enhancement. Check it out. … Read More