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Basic or complex, group benefit filings are packed full of data and have excellent contact information. Whether your target market is small business Short-Form filers, or 100+ page juggernauts, you’ll certainly enjoy our comprehensive benefit profiles and CRM software for simplistic production management. Starting at $25/mo for single-user you can’t go wrong.


Total assets, performance and commissions are just a couple ways our advisors identify new opportunities. Up to 7 years of key plan performance metrics, advisor history and compensation make it easy to spot pain points.

Health & Welfare

Plan breakdown of premium and commission by coverage, carrier and broker. Combined with a bird's eye view of broker history and a concise snapshot of key metric trends define your prospect's profile.
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Group Health Plans
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Retirement Plans

What clients are saying

Our goal is provide high quality data and services to help agents reach their goals.

“I just like your system much better. It is easier to use and I can prospect much faster.”
Daniel G
Connor & Gallagher OneSource
"I actually do mailings every two weeks or so and your resource is invaluable to me and saves me 15 to 20 hours a month of research I was doing at home. I basically plan to be a subscriber indefinitely as the information I need changes from year to year and I need to stay on top of it."
Phil Rickenbach
NTI Group

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