Prospect with Intelligence

Prospecting data to keep your pipeline full. CRM interface to manage the sales process. One click exporting for easy data migration. Real-time AgencyDash for at a glance activity metrics.


Our data is sourced from numerous public and private entities and processed to produce the highest quality prospecting data available. Data sources are cross referenced and matched with increadible accuracy allowing us to give sales, marketing, or management an unparalleled look into their prospect, market, or compeitive environment.

Commercial Insurance

Retirement Benefits

The more efficient your resources, the more effective your sales process. Property & Casualty Insurance relevant data like Worker's Compensation renewal date, Carrier history and Rate information eliminate the ‘xdating’ and research steps so Producers can focus on the right prospects at the right time, all of which leads to a higher quality sales call.
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Retirement Benefits data includes 401k and Defined Benefit retirement data gives insight into a prospect's retirement plans and structure. Target prospects based on industry, asset size, commissions, providers, plan features and more. You won't find more complete and accessible Form 5500 data anywhere else.
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OSHA Inspections & Violations

Health & Welfare Benefits

OSHA compliance is critical for risk assessment. Included in our Worker's Comp product, OSHA violation and inspection history give an agent unparalleled insight into a prospect.
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Our Health and Welfare product puts the most accurate health plan information at a producer's fingertips. You won't find a more complete or easily accessible anywhere else.
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DOT & Motor Carrier

PEO & Payroll

Expanding on our Commercial Insurance product, our DOT and Motor Carrier data gives an even more in-depth look at a prospect.
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Our exclusive PEO products give insight into who is currently in a PEO, and who has used a PEO in the past. We also know which PEO prospects are with, which marketers love.
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Search, Filter, and Export

Create marketing lists and finding prospects.

Market Analysis

We can answer your most pressing market questions.

Custom Data

Fill in the blanks of your underwriting or market data.

People Are Talking

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for this update. The producers and myself use your database on a daily basis and for multiple hours per day, and this update makes our jobs much easier and allows us to work more efficiently. Thank you!"

Dylan Lomax
Brown & Brown Metro, LLC

"It’s not easy to find prospects that fit within the appetite of what my agency is pursuing for new business. InsuranceXdate gives me the ability to type in the general contractor code, for example, and assign a geographical location and company size, I then get a spreadsheet with every company that falls into those parameters. I now have a call sheet with the name of the owner of the company, the address and phone number, along with other information."

Thomas Burke
Bowen, Miclette & Britt

"I actually do mailings every two weeks or so and your resource is invaluable to me and saves me 15 to 20 hours a month of research I was doing at home. I basically plan to be a subscriber indefinitely as the information I need changes from year to year and I need to stay on top of it."

Phil Rickenbach
NTI Group

From Our Blog

Does cold calling work? I want to do an Email Blast or Direct Mail Campaign. Does that work?

The facile answer to your facile question is YES. If you contact the right person, at the right time, and say the right things, do the right things, and follow through the process you WILL land that account. But you won't land all of them. No one does. And if you're banking on a (insert prefix) mail campaign that doesn't include a phone call or three, you're bound for failure (or worse - mediocre results). You know how I can tell top Producers from the rest? The top Producers spend their time figuring out how Insurance Xdate is going to fit in and improve an already successful strategy. We never brought an agency back from the grave, that I know of, but that's not what we do anyway. Xdate is a fixed constant in an otherwise variable sales equation. Confused yet? Read on.

What is Your Prospecting List Doing for You?

Your agency and your carriers may have an encompassing risk appetite but that doesn’t mean your prospecting list should follow suit. In fact, why on earth would you have just 1 prospecting list? In this little post I am going to show you how to improve your odds on the phone and more effectively secure appointments by applying a simple trick to your prospecting list set up.