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The trial gives you one week of access to see how our service works. All states are available for both the commercial and group benefits platforms, with limited search functionality. You can view the first 5 prospects (on the first 4 pages) of your results, however, the contact information is redacted. There is no limit to the number of searches you perform, however we reserve the right to terminate for usage inconsistent with the purpose of the trial.

Plans start at $50/mo for our Workers Comp subscription and $25/mo for Benefits (retirement/health) for unlimited access to a single state.  Contact sales or log in to your trial account and navigate to the Subscribe page for full details.

Yes, printing and basic exporting is included in your subscription.

Single-user plans are limited to 200 exports per month, which resets on your billing date.

Team Plans can export up to 1,000 records per export, and are not capped on number of exports.

Note that all monthly plans (single or team) can export up to 90 days in advance of the current date. This limitation is removed with the annual-team plan.

We only deal in factual, reported information. Unfortunately, with minimal exception (DOT reporting, which is included in our data), Workers Compensation is the only type of coverage subject to a reporting requirement.

That said, not all carriers are ‘WC carriers’, meaning they will not write unsupported WC. So when you see those carriers writing WC, it is very likely that they write the other lines of coverage, and very likely that the xdates are concurrent.

Contact support here and we’ll get it taken care of right away.

The 2 month cancellation period applies to monthly Team subscriptions. On the first installment we bill you for your first month of service plus your last 2 months of service. This is not a cancellation fee. When you cancel, your account will not be billed any further, but will remain active to use for the next 2 billing cycles.

– Example: sign up on January 1st ($300 paid). Request cancellation March 31st (billed $100 on 2/1 and 3/1).  You will not be billed any further but your account will remain active through May 31st (April and May billing cycles).

– If you decide to upgrade to an annual subscription this amount will be credited toward purchase.

Not very well. But we do have an iPhone and Android app available. Search Insurance Xdate or download here:



See for yourself with the trial. We only deal in factual, reported information. There are scenarios such as a mid-term policy changes, which will take time to be corrected as there is a lag in reporting. Keep in mind we are not the source, and subject to inaccuracies that occur during the reporting process.

Other scenarios do exist that can be perceived as inaccuracy, such as OCIP policies in the construction industry, and the poor reporting requirements that PEOs are afforded. 

So while it is impossible to be 100% accurate when dealing with large data sets, we are fully aware of the caveats that come with them, and have more experience than anyone else in coming up with solutions to counteract. It appears we’re the only ones. 

Nothing is shared outside of your agency.

Team plans provide team visibility. For example, if Agent X indicates they have contacted a prospect (through a note or flag), and that prospect overlaps in Agent Y’s list, Agent Y will see X’s activity and stay out of the way.

Workers Comp Expiration Dates and Carrier info update on a monthly to quarterly basis. Contact and Demographic info updates annually. 

Contact data varies by state, industry and even specific regions within a given state. It also varies by size and the # of years a business has existed because it takes time for this information to become available. We suggest running a search with and without contact filters applied during the trial to see what your area is like. 

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, however there are no refunds.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for a complete explanation –

PEO type policies are included in the Commercial data platform, and the appropriate filters are included in our search menu. We have identified over 200,000 policies and their respective provider. You can see how many PEOs have been identified by state in the reports section of the KB (search PEO count). 

This is included in Pipeburst (part of the Commercial platform), a new suite of tools for after the appointment has been secured. The Loss Run request component makes it easy to generate a loss release form, complete with carrier contact info, so all you have to do is email to insured for signature. Just verify the information, generate the pdf and you’re all set!

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