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Powerful, not overpowering.
Complex logic

Intelligent Targeting

Knowledge is power, and questions are the key to unlocking it. Insurance Xdate delivers the most comprehensive and industry relevant targeting criteria available to find the businesses that meet your carriers’ appetite. To do this we leverage the actual WC data: Premium, incumbent Agency, Carrier Groups, even Exp Mod ratings. If you see it in the image, it’s searchable (click image to enlarge). 

What's Changed

We can all agree that knowing a prospect’s Mod or Premium is great. Same as knowing a Carrier’s rate filing. But how do you use it in a sales capacity? We track and store this data historically, calculating the % change, so you can deliver a message tailored to the prospect’s current situation. 
class & carrier reports

Visibility, for Credibility

Our Class and Carrier market reports provide high level insights for meaningful, factual conversations. Which carriers are winning, which are losing, and who is top of market. Are rates trending up or down, and is it consistent across all market players. When you can explain why you want to work with a prospect, credibility comes naturally.

Perspective, for the Prospect

Talkpoint provides a way for our agents to change the prospect’s perception. Applying peer comparisons for the prospect’s specific class of business within similar employment cohorts, we have created simple benchmarks for Premium, Rate and overall Market Competitiveness that can be shared with the prospect.
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Producer Focused

Light weight productivity features to cut out redundancy, keep producers organized and teams coordinated, much of which has come at the request of our clients. Team notes and account groupings? Done. Use a VOIP? How about click to call phone numbers. Work calendar? Of course, let’s integrate it. Using HubSpot or Salesforce? Create or update that prospect your quoting with one click. 

Loss Run Release Forms, prefilled

Loss runs tend to be underrated from a sales perspective, but make no mistake, ordering from the insured is no different than telling the incumbent agent to bring their ‘A’ game to the renewal. So we made it easier to order direct from the carrier, who’s much less likely to relay to the agent. Best of all, it’s prefilled. Just needs the insured’s sign off and you can take care of the rest, keeping your competition asleep at the wheel. 
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Mobile app

Prospecting on the go

Map based for prospecting between appointments. Get some on the go. Available for iPhone and Android platforms.
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Generate Leads. Win New Biz.


Our Starter plan is the most cost effective way to get prospecting. Available to individual users, providing access to a single state with 500 business views per month. Flexible billing and monthly commitment options available.


All the benefits of the Starter plan in addition to unlimited access (to a single state) and two additional user licenses. Includes access to the loss release form generator, LossRunner, as well as the calendar and CRM integration options.

Custom Data

Insurance Xdate offers bulk data solutions at the regional and national level, as well as list append services. Both are available in CSV and JSON format.

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What clients are saying

Our goal is provide high quality data and services to help agents reach their goals.

The content library and HR tools are nice, but I need a prospecting tool I can actually prospect with. I want to see a quick list, make a couple calls and talk to some people. That's why I'm back.
Glenn Wells
Single Source Benefits
"I actually do mailings every two weeks or so and your resource is invaluable to me and saves me 15 to 20 hours a month of research I was doing at home. I basically plan to be a subscriber indefinitely as the information I need changes from year to year and I need to stay on top of it."
Phil Rickenbach
NTI Group

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