General Liability Code Lookup

General Liability CodeGeneral Liability Description
10010Air Conditioning Equipment--Dealers or Distributors Only
10015Amusement Centers
10020Amusement Parks
10026Antique Stores
10036Anhydrous Ammonia Dealers and Distributors
10040Appliance Distributors--Household Type
10042Appliance Stores--Household Type
10052Archery Ranges--Indoor
10054Archery Ranges--Other Than Indoor
10060Army and Navy Stores
10065Art Galleries--Other Than Not-For-Profit
10066Art Galleries--Not-For-Profit Only
10070Automobile Parts and Supplies Distributors
10071Automobile Parts and Supplies Stores
10072Automobile Quick Lubrication Services
10073Automobile Repair or Service Shops
10075Automobile Repair Shops--Self-Service
10101Boat Dealers
10105Boat Storage and Moorage
10107Boat Yards or Marinas--Public
10110Boats--Canoes or Rowboats--for Rent--Not Equipped with Motors
10111Barber or Beauty Shop Supplies Distributors
10113Barber Shops
10115Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons
10117Boats--Motor or Sail--Rented to Others
10119Boats--Rented to Others NOC
10120Bathhouses or Bathing Pavilions
10130Bazaars--Operated by the Insured--Other Than Not-For-Profit
10132Bazaars--Operated by the Insured--Not-For-Profit Only
10133Beach Chairs and Umbrellas--Rented to Others
10135Beaches--Bathing--Commercially Operated
10140Beverage Distributors--Alcoholic Other Than Beer
10141Beverage Distributors--Nonalcoholic and Beer
10145Beverage Stores--Liquor and Wine
10146Beverage Stores--Soft Drinks and Beer
10150Bicycle Stores--Sales and Servicing
10151Bicycles--Rented to Others
10160Billiard or Pool Halls
10204Books and Magazines Stores--Other Than Not-For-Profit
10205Books and Magazines Stores--Not-For-Profit Only
10220Bowling Lanes
10255Building Material Dealers--Other Than Secondhand Material
10256Building Material Dealers--Secondhand Material
10257Building Material Distributors
10309Camera and Photographic Equipment Stores
10315Camper or Travel Trailer Sales Agencies
10331Campgrounds--Other Than Not-For-Profit
10332Campgrounds--Not-For-Profit Only
10352Candy or Confectionery Stores
10367Car Washes--Other Than Self-Service
10368Car Washes--Self-Service
10375Carnival or Circus Companies
10378Carnivals--Outside (Sponsor's Risk Only) Other Than Not-For-Profit
10379Carnivals--Outside (Sponsor's Risk Only) Not-For-Profit Only
10380Carnivals or Circuses--in Tents (Sponsor's Risk Only) Other Than Not-For-Profit
10381Carnivals or Circuses--in Tents (Sponsor's Risk Only) Not-For-Profit Only
11007Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning--Shop Only
11020Catalog or Premium Coupon Redemption Stores
11052Chairs--Rented to Others
11101Chemical Distributors
11120Children's Playcenter--Indoor
11126Clothing or Wearing Apparel Distributors
11127Clothing or Wearing Apparel Stores--Other Than Not-For-Profit
11128Clothing or Wearing Apparel Stores--Not-For-Profit Only
11138Clubs--Country or Golf
11155Collectibles and Memorabilia Stores
11160Computer Stores
11167Concessionaires--Checkroom, Shoeshine or Toilet Concessions in Hotels, Restaurants, Railroad Stations, etc.
11201Contractors Equipment--Cranes, Derricks, Power Shovels and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others with Operators
11202Contractors Equipment--Cranes, Derricks, Power Shovels and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others without Operators
11203Contractors Equipment Dealers--Ladders, Excluding Hoists, Scaffolds or Towers
11204Contractors Equipment Dealers--Ladders, Hoists, Scaffolds or Towers
11205Contractors Equipment--Earth Moving Equipment Other Than Cranes, Derricks and Power Shovels--Rented to Others with Operators
11206Contractors Equipment--Earth Moving Equipment Other Than Cranes, Derricks and Power Shovels--Rented to Others without Operators
11207Contractors Equipment--Excluding Automobiles--Rented to Others with Operators
11208Contractors Equipment--Excluding Automobiles--Rented to Others without Operators
11209Contractors Equipment--Hod or Material Platform Hoists and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others with Operators
11210Contractors Equipment--Hod or Material Platform Hoists and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others without Operators
11211Contractors Equipment--Ladders, Scaffolds, Scaffolding, Sidewalk Bridges, Towers and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others
11212Contractors Equipment--Scaffolds, Sidewalk Bridges, Hod or Material Hoists, Towers--Rented to Others--Installation, Repair or Removal Operations Only
11213Contractors Equipment--Steam Boilers, Compressors, Air Pressure Tanks, Pneumatic Tools and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others with Operators
11214Contractors Equipment--Steam Boilers, Compressors, Air Pressure Tanks, Pneumatic Tools and Equipment Incidental Thereto--Rented to Others without Operators
11222Copying and Duplicating Services--Retail
11234Cosmetic, Hair or Skin Preparation Stores
11248Cotton or Wool Merchants
11258Dairy Products or Butter and Egg Stores--Other Than Not-For-Profit
11259Dairy Products or Butter and Egg Stores--Not-For-Profit Only
11273Dance Halls, Ballrooms or Discotheques--Other Than Not-For-Profit
11274Dance Halls, Ballrooms or Discotheques--Not-For-Profit Only
12014Dental Laboratories
12356Department or Discount Stores
12361Distributors--Food or Drink
12362Distributors--No Food or Drink
12373Drug Distributors
12374Drugstores--No Table or Counter Service for Beverage or Food
12391Electrical Equipment Distributors
12393Electronics Store
12467Equipment, Fixtures or Supplies--for Bars, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants or Stores--Distributors
12509Fabric Distributors
12510Fabric Stores
12583Feed, Grain or Hay Dealers
12651Fence Dealers
12683Fertilizer Dealers and Distributors
12707Fire Protection Equipment Dealers and Distributors
12797Floor Covering Distributors
12805Floor Covering Stores
12927Formal Wear or Costumes--Rented to Others
13049Frozen Food--Distributors
13111Fruit or Vegetable Dealers
13112Fruit or Vegetable Distributors
13201Fuel Dealers or Distributors--Coal or Wood
13204Fuel Oil or Kerosene Dealers
13205Fuel Oil or Kerosene Distributors
13314Fur--Garments and Pelts--Distributors
13351Furniture Stores--Other Than Not-For-Profit
13352Furniture Stores--Not-For-Profit Only
13410Gas Dealers--LPG
13411Gas Dealers or Distributors
13412Gas Distributors--LPG
13453Gasoline Stations--Full Service
13454Gasoline Stations--Self-Service
13455Gasoline Stations--Self and Full Service Combined
13506Gift Shops--Other Than Not-For-Profit
13507Gift Shops--Not-For-Profit Only
13590Glass Dealers and Glaziers
13621Grain Milling
13670Grocery Distributors
13673Grocery Stores
13715Hardware and Tool Distributors
13716Hardware Stores
13720Health or Natural Food Stores
13759Hearing Aid Stores
13930Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment--Dealers or Distributors Only
14068Hide Dealers and Distributors--Raw
14101Hobby, Craft or Artists' Supply Stores
14279Home Improvement Stores
14401Ice Cream Stores
14405Ice Dealers and Distributors
14527Janitorial Supplies--Dealers or Distributors
14655Jewelry Stores or Distributors
14731Laundries and Dry Cleaners--Self-Service
14732Laundry and Dry Cleaning or Dyeing Receiving Stations
14733Laundry and Dry Cleaning Stores
14734Laundry Rental Service
14855Livestock Dealers or Commission Merchants
15060Machinery or Equipment Dealers--Construction or Industrial--Mobile Type
15061Machinery or Equipment Dealers--Farm Type
15062Machinery or Equipment Dealers
15063Machinery or Equipment Dealers--Yard or Garden Type
15070Mail Box or Packaging Stores
15119Markets--Not Open Air (Lessor's Risk Only) Other Than Not-For-Profit
15120Markets--Not Open Air (Lessor's Risk Only) Not-For-Profit Only
15123Markets--Open Air (Lessor's Risk Only) Other Than Not-For-Profit
15124Markets--Open Air (Lessor's Risk Only) Not-For-Profit Only
15188Oil or Gas Well Supplies or Equipment Dealers--Secondhand
15223Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood--Distributors
15224Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Stores
15300Medical, Hospital and Surgical Equipment and Supplies--Rented to Others
15314Medical, Hospital and Surgical Supply Stores
15404Metal Dealers or Distributors--Nonstructural
15405Metal Dealers or Distributors--Structural
15406Metal Scrap Dealers
15488Mobile Home Sales Agencies
15538Musical Instrument Stores
15600Nail Salons
15607Newspaper or Magazine Distributors
15656Nightclubs, Cabarets and Comedy Clubs
15733Oil Refineries
15839Optical Goods Stores
15991Paint, Wallpaper or Wallcovering Stores
15993Painting, Picture or Frame Stores
16005Paper Products Distributors
16009Paper, Rag or Rubber Stock Dealers and Distributors--Secondhand
16402Pet Grooming
16403Pet Stores
16404Pet Training
16501Plastic or Rubber Supply Goods Distributors
16527Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Dealers and Distributors
16588Printers or Electrotypers Supplies--Distributors
16604Produce Handling or Packing
16670Racquet Sports and Handball Facilities--Commercially Operated
16676Music Stores--Pre-Recorded
16694Recreational Vehicle Dealers
16705Refrigeration Equipment--Dealers and Distributors Only--Commercial
16722Rental Stores
16723Rental Stores--Machinery or Equipment--Rented to Others on a Long-Term Basis
16750Internet Retailers
16751Internet Auctions
16819Restaurants--Operated by Concessionaires--Other Than Not-For-Profit
16820Restaurants--Operated by Concessionaires--Not-For-Profit Only
16881Secondhand or Salvage Dealers and Distributors
16890Seed Merchants--Excluding Erroneous Delivery, Error in Mixture and Germination Failure
16891Seed Merchants--Erroneous Delivery, Error in Mixture and Resulting Germination Failure
16892Seed Merchants--Erroneous Delivery, and Error in Mixture (Excluding Germination Failure)
16900Restaurants--with No Sale of Alcoholic Beverages--with Table Service
16901Restaurants--with No Sale of Alcoholic Beverages--without Table Service with Seating
16902Restaurants--with No Sale of Alcoholic Beverages--without Seating
16910Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are Less Than 30% of the Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--with Table Service
16911Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are Less Than 30% of the Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--without Table Service with Seating
16915Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 30% or More of But Less Than 75% of the Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--with Dance Floor
16916Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 30% or More of But Less Than 75% of the Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--without Dance Floor
16920Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 75% or More of Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--with Tables--with Dance Floor: Table Service
16921Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 75% or More of Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--with Tables--with Dance Floor: No Table Service
16930Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 75% or More of Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--with Tables--without Dance Floor: Table Service
16931Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 75% or More of Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--with Tables--without Dance Floor: No Table Service
16940Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 75% or More of Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--Bar Service Only (No Tables): with Dance Floor
16941Restaurants--with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages that are 75% or More of Total Annual Receipts of the Restaurants--Bar Service Only (No Tables): without Dance Floor
18078Ship Chandler Stores
18109Shoe Repair Shops
18110Shoe Stores
18200Spas or Personal Enhancement Facilities
18205Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Distributors
18206Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Stores
18335Stationery or Paper Products Stores
18435Stores--Food or Drink--Other Than Not-For-Profit
18436Stores--Food or Drink--Not-For-Profit Only
18437Stores: Retail NOC
18438Stores--No Food or Drink--Not-For-Profit Only
18506Tailor Merchants--Men or Boys
18507Tailoring or Dressmaking Establishments--Custom
18570Tattoo Parlors
18575Telecommunication Equipment Providers
18616Tire Dealers
18707Tobacco Products Distributors
18708Tobacco Products Stores
18833Toy Distributors
18834Toy Stores
18911Variety Stores--Other Than Not-For-Profit
18912Variety Stores--Not-For-Profit Only
18920Video Stores
19007Washing Machines, Dryers or Ironers--Coin Meter Type
19051Water Softening Equipment--Rented to Others
19061Portable Toilet Rentals
19795Trailer Dealers
19796Trailer Rental Agencies
40005Adult Day Care--Not-For-Profit Only
40006Adult Day Care--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40020Airport Control Towers--Not Operated Exclusively by the Federal Aviation Administration
40026Airport--Lessees of Portions of Airports Engaged in the Sale of Aircraft or Accessories, Servicing or Repairing of Aircraft or Pilot Instructions
40031Ambulance Service, First Aid or Rescue Squads--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40032Ambulance Service, First Aid or Rescue Squads--Not-For-Profit Only
40040Amusement Devices
40041Amusement Devices--Operated in Connection with Carnivals or Fairs--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40042Amusement Devices--Operated in Connection with Carnivals or Fairs--Not-For-Profit Only
40046Animals--Saddle--for Rent
40059Athletic Games Sponsored by the Insured--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40061Athletic Games Sponsored by the Insured--Not-For-Profit Only
40063Athletic or Sports Contests--in Buildings--Lessees--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40064Athletic or Sports Contests--in Buildings--Lessees--Not-For-Profit Only
40066Athletic Programs--Amateur--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40067Athletic Programs--Amateur--Not-For-Profit Only
40069Athletic Teams--Professional or Semi-Professional
40072Beaches--Bathing--Not Commercially Operated
40075Bingo Games--in Public Halls or Theaters--Commercially Operated
40101Blood Banks--Other Than Not-For-Profit
40102Blood Banks--Not-For-Profit Only
40111Boats--Canoes or Rowboats--Not for Rent--Not Equipped with Motors
40115Boats--Motor or Sail--Not for Rent
40117Boats--Not for Rent
40140Boats--Nonowned over 26 Feet
41001Boy or Girl Scout Councils
41210Bus Stations or Terminals
41510Caves--Tourist Attraction
41603Cemeteries--Other Than Not-For-Profit
41604Cemeteries--Not-For-Profit Only
41650Churches or Other Houses of Worship
41664Clubs--Horseback Riding--No Commercial Riding Instructions
41665Clubs--Racket Sports and Handball
41667Clubs--Civic, Service or Social--Having Buildings or Premises Owned or Leased--Other Than Not-For-Profit
41668Clubs--Civic, Service or Social--Having Buildings or Premises Owned or Leased--Not-For-Profit Only
41670Clubs--Civic, Service or Social--No Buildings or Premises Owned or Leased Except for Office Purposes--Not-For-Profit Only
41672Conventions (Sponsor's Risk Only)--Other Than Not-For-Profit
41673Conventions (Sponsor's Risk Only)--Not-For-Profit Only
41675Computer Consulting or Programming
41678Community Recreational Facilities--Not Operated by Governmental Agency
41679Cotton Gin Operations--Other Than Those Performed for a Fee Per Bale
41680Convents or Monasteries
41696Crematories--Other Than Not-For-Profit
41697Crematories--Not-For-Profit Only
41700Dam, Levee or Dike--Existence Hazard Only
41715Day Care Centers--Other Than Not-For-Profit
41716Camps--Not-For-Profit Only
43007Drawbridges--Existence Hazard Only
43117Dude Ranches
43151Computer Data Processing--Operations
43152Computer Data Processing--Time Sharing
43200Employment Agencies
43215Entertainment Performed on Others' Premises
43421Exhibitions--Outside--In Stadiums or on Premises Having Grandstands or Bleachers Not Erected by or for Insured--Ushers or Other Attendants in Stands Not Provided by Insured
43422Exhibitions--Outside--In Stadiums or on Premises Having Grandstands or Bleachers Not Erected by or for the Insured--Ushers or Other Attendants in Stands Provided by the Insured
43424Exhibitions--Outside--No Stadiums or Grandstands
43470Pest Control Services
43517Fair Grounds--Nonoperating Season
43518Fairs--Outside (Operator's Risk Only)
43550Fire Departments--Other Than Volunteer
43551Fire Departments--Volunteer
43626Fireworks Exhibitions--Contractor's Risk Only
43628Fireworks Exhibitions--Sponsor's Risk Only--Other Than Not-For-Profit
43629Fireworks Exhibitions--Sponsor's Risk Only--Not-For-Profit Only
43754Fishing Piers
43760Fishing Ponds or Lakes--Commercially Operated
43822Forestry Service
43840Fruit or Vegetable--Harvesting Contractors
43889Funeral Homes or Chapels
43945Garbage or Refuse Dumps
43946Garbage Works--Separation for Recycling, Reduction or Incineration
43991Gambling--Incidental to Other Operations
44009Gasoline or Oil Supply Stations--Retail--(Lessor's Risk Only)
44010Gasoline Recovery--from Casing Head or Natural Gas
44069Golf Courses--Miniature
44070Golf Courses--Municipal or Public--Not Golf or Country Clubs
44071Golf Driving Ranges
44072Golfmobiles--Loaned or Rented to Others
44100Governmental: Municipalities--Population under 2,500
44101Governmental: Municipalities--Population 2,501-10,000
44102Governmental: Municipalities--Population 10,001-25,000
44103Governmental: Municipalities--Population 25,001-50,000
44104Governmental: Municipalities--Population 50,001-100,000
44105Governmental: Municipalities
44106Governmental: Municipalities--Population over 250,000
44108Governmental: Counties or Parishes--Population under 10,000
44109Governmental: Counties or Parishes--Population 10,001-25,000
44110Governmental: Counties or Parishes--Population 25,001-50,000
44111Governmental: Counties or Parishes--Population 50,001-100,000
44112Governmental: Counties or Parishes--Population 100,001-250,000
44113Governmental: Counties or Parishes--Population over 250,000
44193Grandstands or Bleachers--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44194Grandstands or Bleachers--Not-For-Profit Only
44222Guides or Outfitters
44276Halls--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44277Halls--Not-For-Profit Only
44280Event, Party or Wedding Planners
44311Health or Exercise Clubs
44315Health or Exercise Facilities--Commercially Operated
44427Health Care Facilities--Alcohol and Drug--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44428Health Care Facilities--Alcohol and Drug--Not-For-Profit Only
44429Health Care Facilities--Convalescent or Nursing Homes--Not Mental--Psychopathic Institutions--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44430Health Care Facilities--Convalescent or Nursing Homes--Not Mental--Psychopathic Institutions--Not-For-Profit Only
44431Health Care Facilities--Homes for the Aged--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44432Health Care Facilities--Homes for the Aged--Not-For-Profit Only
44433Health Care Facilities--Homes for the Physically Handicapped or Orphaned--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44434Health Care Facilities--Homes for the Physically Handicapped or Orphaned--Not-For-Profit Only
44435Health Care Facilities--Hospitals Other Than Not-For-Profit
44436Health Care Facilities--Hospitals Not-For-Profit Only
44437Health Care Facilities--Mental--Psychopathic Institutions--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44438Health Care Facilities--Mental--Psychopathic Institutions--Not-For-Profit Only
44439Health Care Facilities--Clinics, Dispensaries or Infirmaries Treating Outpatients Only--No Regular Bed and Board Facilities--Other Than Not-For-Profit
44440Health Care Facilities--Clinics, Dispensaries or Infirmaries Treating Outpatients Only--No Regular Bed and Board Facilities--Not-For-Profit Only
44500Home Health Care Services--Not-For-Profit Only
44501Home Health Care Services--Other Than Not-For-Profit
45190Hotels and Motels--with Pools or Beaches--Less Than Four Stories
45191Hotels and Motels--with Pools or Beaches--Four Stories or More
45192Hotels and Motels--without Pools or Beaches--Less Than Four Stories
45193Hotels and Motels--without Pools or Beaches--Four Stories or More
45210Bed and Breakfasts
45224Hunting Preserves--Other Than Not-For-Profit
45225Hunting Preserves--Not-For-Profit Only
45334Insurance Agents
45380Junk Dealers
45450Kennels--Breeding, Boarding or Sales
45523Lakes or Reservoirs--Existence Hazard Only--Other Than Not-For-Profit
45524Lakes or Reservoirs--Existence Hazard Only--Not-For-Profit Only
45539Land--Occupied by Persons Other Than the Insured for Business Purposes--(Lessor's Risk Only)
45678Laundries and Dry Cleaning Plants
45771Livestock Sales Companies
45900Mail Order or Online Drug Stores
45901Mail Order Houses
45937Mailing or Addressing Companies
45993Manufacturers' Representatives
46004Mausoleums--Other Than Not-For-Profit
46005Mausoleums--Not-For-Profit Only
46112Diagnostic Testing Laboratories
46202Mobile Home Parks or Courts
46362Model Homes
46426Museums--Other Than Not-For-Profit
46427Museums--Not-For-Profit Only
46510Oil or Gas Wells--Non-Operating Working Interest
46603Parking--Public--Not Open Air
46604Parking--Public--Open Air
46606Parking--Public--Shopping Centers--Maintained by Lessee (Lessor's Risk Only)
46607Parking--Public--Shopping Centers--Maintained by the Insured (Lessor's Risk Only)
46671Parks or Playgrounds
46700Penal Institutions
46773Picnic Grounds--Commercially Operated
46822Political Campaign Headquarters or Offices
46881Professional and Trade Associations--No Buildings or Premises Owned or Leased Except as Offices--Other Than Not-For-Profit
46882Professional and Trade Associations--No Buildings or Premises Owned or Leased Except as Offices--Not-For-Profit Only
46911Race Tracks--Motorized Vehicles--Operators
46912Race Tracks--Operators
46913Race Tracks--Motorized Vehicles--Lessor's Risk Only
46914Racing--Lessor's Risk Only
46915Race Tracks--Motorized Vehicles--Sponsor's Risk Only
46916Racing--Sponsor's Risk Only
47050Real Estate Agents
47051Real Estate Development Property
47052Real Estate Property Managed
47103Recording Studios
47146Recycling Collection Centers--Other Than Not-For-Profit
47147Recycling Collection Centers--Not-For-Profit Only
47221Riding Academies
47253Rifle or Pistol Ranges--Indoor
47254Rifle or Pistol Ranges
47367Sales or Service Organizations
47420Saunas and Baths--Public
47469Schools--Faculty Liability for Corporal Punishment of Students
47471Schools--Public--Elementary, Kindergarten or Junior High
47474Schools--Trade or Vocational
47475Schools--Private--Elementary, Kindergarten or Junior High--Other Than Not-For-Profit
47476Schools--Private--Elementary, Kindergarten or Junior High--Not-For-Profit Only
47477Schools--Private--High--Other Than Not-For-Profit
47478Schools--Private--High--Not-For-Profit Only
47610Internet Service Providers
48177Skating Rinks--Ice
48178Skating Rinks--Roller
48206Skeet Shooting or Trap Shooting Ranges
48252Ski Lifts, Tows or Runs
48441Soap Box Derbies
48557Social Gatherings and Meetings--on Premises Not Owned or Operated by the Insured--Other Than Not-For-Profit
48558Social Gatherings and Meetings--on Premises Not Owned or Operated by the Insured--Not-For-Profit Only
48600Social Services--Consulting Services Only--Operated by the Private Sector
48610Sports or Outdoor Activities--Commercially Operated
48637Stadiums--Operated by Insured--Other Than Not-For-Profit
48638Stadiums--Operated by Insured--Not-For-Profit Only
48727Streets, Roads, Highways or Bridges--Existence and Maintenance Hazard Only
48808Sun Tanning Salons
48924Swimming Pools--Commercially Operated
48925Swimming Pools
49111Tents or Canopies--Loaned or Rented to Others
49183Theaters--Motion Pictures
49184Theaters--Other Than Not-For-Profit Only
49185Theaters--Not-For-Profit Only
49239Tire--Retreading or Recapping
49292Toll Bridges
49305Towers--Telecommunication--Existence Hazard Only (Lessors Risk Only)
49333Travel Agency Tours
49451Vacant Land--Other Than Not-For-Profit
49452Vacant Land--Not-For-Profit Only
49617Vending Machine Operations--Confection, Food, Beverage or Ice
49618Vending Machine Operations--Tobacco Products
49619Vending Machine Operations
49763Warehouse--Cold Individual Storage Lockers
49800Wharf and Waterfront Property--Ferry Docks or Terminals
49801Wharf and Waterfront Property--Occupied by the Insured for Both Freight and Passenger Purposes
49802Wharf and Waterfront Property--Not Occupied by the Insured (Lessor's Risk Only)
49803Wharf and Waterfront Property--Occupied by the Insured for Freight Purposes Exclusively
49840Window Decorating
49870YMCA, YWCA or Similar Institutions
49890Youth Recreation Programs--Other Than Not-For-Profit
49891Youth Recreation Programs--Not-For-Profit Only
49902Zoos--Other Than Not-For-Profit
49903Zoos--Not-For-Profit Only
50010Abrasive Wheel Mfg.
50015Abrasives or Abrasive Products Mfg.--Artificial
50017Abrasives or Abrasive Products Mfg.
50045Adhesive Mfg.
50047Adhesive Tape Mfg.
51001Aerosol Container Mfg.
51005Aerosol Containers--Filling or Charging for Others
51116Air Conditioning Equipment Mfg.
51201Aircraft or Aircraft Parts Mfg.
51205Alarm Mfg.--Burglar
51206Alarm Mfg.--Fire or Smoke
51210Alcohol Mfg.--Not Beverage
51211Ammunition Mfg.
51220Appliances and Accessories Mfg.--Commercial--Gas
51221Appliances and Accessories Mfg.--Commercial--Not Gas
51222Appliances and Accessories Mfg.--Household--Gas
51224Appliances and Accessories Mfg.--Household--Not Gas
51230Asbestos Goods Mfg.
51240Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining
51241Asphalt Works
51250Automobile, Bus and Truck Body Mfg.
51251Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts Mfg.--Brakes or Brake Linings
51252Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts Mfg.--Not Operating Parts
51253Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts Mfg.--Operating Parts
51254Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts Mfg.--Passenger Restraining Devices
51255Automobile Mfg. or Assembling
51305Baby Food Mfg.
51315Bakery Plants
51330Battery Mfg.--Dry Cell
51333Battery Mfg.--Wet Cell or Storage
51340Bearing Mfg.
51350Beer, Ale or Malt Liquor Mfg.--In Bottles
51351Beer, Ale or Malt Liquor Mfg.--In Cans
51352Beer, Ale or Malt Liquor Mfg.--Not Bottled or Canned
51355Beverage Bottler--Soft Drinks--Carbonated--In Cans or Plastic Bottles
51356Beverage Bottler--Soft Drinks--Carbonated--In Glass Bottles
51357Beverage Bottler--Soft Drinks--In Metal Cylinders
51358Beverage Bottler--Soft Drinks--In Paper Containers
51359Beverage Bottler--Soft Drinks--Not Carbonated--In Bottles or Cans
51370Bicycle Mfg.--Not Motorized
51380Billiard or Pool Table Mfg.
51400Boat or Ship Building--Inboard and Inboard/Outboard
51401Boat or Ship Building--without Motors
51500Bolt, Nut, Rivet, Screw or Washer Mfg.
51516Bookbinding--Other Than Not-For-Profit
51517Bookbinding--Not-For-Profit Only
51550Bottle and Jar Mfg.--Glass--Not for Use under Pressure
51551Bottle and Jar Mfg.--Glass--for Use under Pressure--Nonreturnable
51552Bottle and Jar Mfg.--Glass--for Use under Pressure--Returnable
51553Bottle and Jar Mfg.--Plastic--Nonreturnable
51554Bottle and Jar Mfg.--Plastic--Returnable
51575Boxes or Containers Mfg.--Corrugated or Fiberboard
51576Boxes or Containers Mfg.--Wood
51600Brick Mfg.
51613Brush or Broom Mfg.
51625Bus Mfg. or Assembling or Reconstruction
51666Buttons or Fasteners Mfg.
51702Camper Bodies or Camper Trailers Mfg.
51703Campers Mfg.--Self-Powered
51734Can Mfg.--Metal
51741Candle Mfg.
51752Candy or Confectionery Products Mfg.
51767Carbon Paper or Inked Ribbon Mfg.
51777Carpet or Rug Mfg.
51790Caulking Compounds, Putty or Similar Products Mfg.
51796Cellophane and Cellophane Products Mfg.
51808Cement, Concrete Mix or Plaster Mfg.--Packaged
51809Cement or Plaster Mfg.--Bulk
51833Charcoal or Coal Briquette Mfg.
51850Chemical Mfg.--Commercial or Industrial
51851Chemical Mfg.--Commercial or Industrial--Toxic and Either Flammable, Explosive or Reactive
51852Chemical Mfg.--Commercial or Industrial--Primarily Flammable, Explosive or Reactive
51853Chemical Mfg.--Commercial or Industrial--Primarily Toxic or Presenting a Health Hazard
51854Chemical Mfg.--Household--Toxic and Either Flammable, Explosive or Reactive
51855Chemical Mfg.--Household
51856Chemical Mfg.--Household--Primarily Flammable, Explosive or Reactive
51857Chemical Mfg.--Household--Primarily Toxic or Presenting a Health Hazard
51869China, Porcelain or Earthenware Mfg.
51877Clay Products Mfg.
51889Clock Mfg.
51896Clothing Mfg.
51900Coffins or Caskets Mfg.
51909Coke Mfg.
51919Color or Pigment Preparation
51926Communication or Recording Systems or Equipment Mfg.--Industrial or Commercial
51927Communication or Recording Systems or Equipment Mfg.--Other Than Industrial or Commercial
51934Composition Goods Mfg.--Not Floor Coverings
51941Computer Mfg.
51942Computer Software Mfg.--Pre-Packaged
51956Concrete--Mixed in Transit
51957Concrete or Plaster Products Mfg.--Not Structural
51958Concrete Products Mfg.--Prestressed
51959Concrete Products Mfg.--Structural
51960Contact Lenses Mfg.
51970Cosmetics Mfg.
51982Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste Mfg.
51985Cotton Compressing
51986Cotton Gin Operations
51999Cutlery (Not Powered) and Flatware Mfg.
52002Dairy Products Mfg.
52075Detergent Mfg.--Household
52076Detergent Mfg.--Other Than Household
52109Dextrine Mfg.
52134Door or Window Mfg.--Other Than Wood
52137Die Casting Mfg.
52150Distillation or Extraction
52315Door or Window Mfg.--Wood
52341Drug Mfg.--Biological Products
52342Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparations Mfg.--for Animal Use
52343Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparations Mfg.--Other Than for Animal Use
52401Drums or Containers Mfg.--Metal
52402Drums or Containers Mfg.--Plastic
52432Electrical Equipment Mfg.--Other Than for Direct and Indirect Application to the Body
52433Electrical Equipment Mfg.--for Direct and Indirect Application to the Body
52435Electrical Generating Machinery Mfg.
52438Electrical Parts, Components or Accessories Mfg.
52440Electrical Power Distribution or Transmission Equipment Mfg.
52467Electrical Wire or Cable Mfg.
52469Electronic Components Mfg.
52505Electronic Games Mfg.
52581Elevator Mfg.
52619Engine or Turbine Mfg.--Not Aircraft
52744Escalator or Moving Sidewalk Mfg.
52767Exercise or Playground Equipment Mfg.
52876Explosive or Fireworks Mfg.
52911Extracts Mfg.
52967Eye Glass Lens Mfg.
53001Feed Mfg.
53077Fertilizer Mfg.
53095Fiber Mfg.--Other Than Synthetic
53096Fiber Mfg.--Synthetic
53121Fiberglass Mfg.
53147Fire Extinguishers Mfg.
53229Fire Suppression Systems Mfg.
53271Firearms Mfg.
53333Floor Covering Mfg.--Not Carpets, Rugs, Ceramic or Stone Tiles
53374Food Products Mfg.--Dry
53375Food Products Mfg.--Frozen
53376Food Products Mfg.--Not Dry--In Glass Containers
53377Food Products Mfg.--Not Dry--In Other Than Glass Containers
53403Forging Work
53565Fruit or Vegetable Juice Mfg.--No Bottling of Carbonated Beverages
53631Fur Garment Mfg.
53632Fur or Pelt Processing
53731Furniture Mfg. or Assembling--Infants
53732Furniture Mfg. or Assembling--Other Than Wood
53733Furniture Mfg. or Assembling--Wood
53734Furniture or Woodwork Stripping, Refinishing or Repairing--Shop Only
53803Galvanizing or Tinning
53901Gas Mfg.--Toxic and Either Flammable, Explosive or Reactive
53902Gas Mfg.--Inert
53903Gas Mfg.--Other
53904Gas Mfg.--Primarily Flammable, Explosive or Reactive
53905Gas Mfg.--Primarily Toxic or Presenting a Health Hazard
53907Gasoline Distributors
54012Gemstone Cutting or Polishing
54077Glass or Glassware Mfg.
55010Heating Equipment Mfg.--Coal or Wood
55011Heating Equipment Mfg.--Electric
55012Heating Equipment Mfg.--Fuel Oil or Kerosene
55013Heating Equipment Mfg.--Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas
55214Hone, Oilstone or Whetstone Mfg.
55371Honey Extracting
55426Ink Mfg.
55597Inner Tubes Mfg.
55647Instrument Mfg.--Analytical, Calibrating, Measuring, Testing or Recording
55648Instrument Mfg.--Control
55649Instrument Mfg.
55715Insulating Material Mfg.--Mineral
55716Insulating Material Mfg.--Organic
55717Insulating Material Mfg.--Plastic--for Application in a Solid State
55718Insulating Material Mfg.--Plastic
55802Jewelry Mfg.
55918Ladder Mfg.--Other Than Wood
55919Ladder Mfg.--Wood
56040Lamp Shade Mfg.
56041Lamps or Lanterns Mfg.--Electric
56042Lamps or Lanterns Mfg.--Other Than Electric
56170Lead Mfg.--Red or White
56171Lead Works--Sheet, Pipe or Shot
56202Leather Goods Mfg.
56390Light Bulb or Tubes Mfg.
56391Lighting Fixtures Mfg.
56427Lime Mfg.
56488Liquor Mfg.
56567Lubricants Mfg.--Grease
56650Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg.--Construction, Mining or Materials Handling Type
56651Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg.--Farm Type
56652Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg.--Industrial Type
56653Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg.--Metalworking
56654Machinery or Machinery Parts Mfg.
56690Match Mfg.
56699Mattress or Box Spring Mfg.
56758Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood--Curing
56759Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Processing--In Airtight Containers
56760Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Processing--Not in Airtight Containers
56805Medical, Dental, Hospital or Surgical Equipment or Supplies Mfg.--Expendable
56806Medical, Dental, Hospital or Surgical Equipment or Supplies Mfg.--Nonexpendable
56807Medical, Dental, Hospital or Surgical Instruments Mfg.
56808Medical, Dental or Surgical Diagnostic or Treatment Machines or Devices Mfg.
56900Metals--Extraction or Refining
56910Metal Foil Mfg.
56911Metal Goods Mfg.
56912Metal Goods Mfg.--Stamping--Not Signs
56913Metal Heat Processing
56915Metal Works--Shop--Structural--Load Bearing
56916Metal Works--Shop--Structural--Not Load Bearing
56917Metals--Extraction or Refining--Chemical Processes
56918Metals--Extraction or Refining--Electrometallurgical Processes
56919Metals--Extraction or Refining of Ferrous Metals--Blast Furnace or Other Pyrometallurgical Processes
56920Metals--Extraction or Refining of Nonferrous Metals--Blast Furnace or Other Pyrometallurgical Processes
56980Mica Goods Mfg.
57001Milk Depots or Dealers
57002Milk Processing
57090Mobile Home Mfg.
57146Modular Units Mfg.
57202Motorcycle, Moped or Motor Scooter Mfg.
57257Musical Instrument Mfg.
57401Nails or Spikes Mfg.
57403Needles, Pins or Tacks Mfg.
57410Net Mfg.--Other Than Safety Nets
57411Net Mfg.--Safety Nets
57572Office Machines Mfg.
57600Optical Goods Mfg.
57611Ore Milling or Processing
57625Orthopedic, Ambulation or Prosthetic Devices Mfg.
57651Packing Houses
57690Paint, Varnish, Shellac or Lacquer Mfg.
57716Paper Coating or Finishing
57725Paper Goods Mfg.
57726Paper Mfg.
57798Parachute Mfg.
57800Media Mfg.--Blank
57808Pattern Mfg.--Metal
57809Pattern Mfg.--Other
57810Pattern Mfg.--Paper
57871Pencil, Pen, Crayon or Chalk Mfg.
57913Pet Food Mfg.
57997Photo Finishing Laboratories
57998Photographic Equipment Mfg.
57999Photographic Supplies Mfg.
58009Pipes or Tubes Mfg.--Metal
58010Pipes or Tubes Mfg.--Plastic
58020Pipes Mfg.--Tobacco
58056Plastic Mfg.--Raw Material
58057Plastic or Rubber Goods Mfg.--Household
58058Plastic or Rubber Goods Mfg.--Other Than Household
58095Plumbing Fixtures Mfg.
58096Plumbing Supplies Mfg.
58301Plywood, Veneer or Veneer Products Mfg.--Other
58302Plywood, Veneer or Veneer Products Mfg.--without Log Processing
58397Prefabricated Building Mfg.
58408Printing--Other Than Not-For-Profit
58409Printing--Not-For-Profit Only
58456Publishers--Books or Magazines--Other Than Not-For-Profit
58457Publishers--Books or Magazines--Not-For-Profit Only
58458Publishers--Newspapers--Other Than Not-For-Profit
58459Publishers--Newspapers--Not-For-Profit Only
58503Pulp Mfg.
58532Pumps or Compressors Mfg.
58559Railroad Engine Mfg.
58560Railroad or Other Public Conveyance Cars Mfg.
58561Railroad or Other Public Conveyance Cars Parts Mfg.
58575Razor or Razor Blades Mfg.
58627Media Mfg.--Pre-Recorded
58663Refrigeration Equipment Mfg.
58682Rendering Works
58713Rolling Mills--Cold or Hot Process
58737Rope Mfg.
58756Rubber Mfg.
58757Rubber Reclaiming
58759Rubber Stamp Mfg. or Assembling
58802Saddles, Harnesses or Horses Furnishings Mfg.
58813Safes or Safe Vaults Mfg.
58822Sail Making
58837Salt, Borax, Potash or Phosphate--Producing or Refining
58840Salt Mfg.
58873Saw Mills or Planing Mills
58903Sewing Machines Mfg.--Commercial
58904Sewing Machines Mfg.--Household
58922Sheet Metal Work--Shop Only
59005Shoe, Boot or Slipper Mfg.
59057Sign Mfg.--Electrical
59058Sign Mfg.--Other Than Electrical
59188Slate Milling
59189Slate Splitting or Slate Roofing Mfg.
59223Soap Mfg.
59257Sponge Processing
59306Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Mfg.
59378Steel Wool or Wire Wool Mfg.
59481Stone Crushing
59482Stone Cutting or Polishing
59537Sugar Refining
59601Swimming Pools or Accessories Mfg.
59647Syrups or Molasses--Refining, Blending or Mfg.
59660Tank Building or Mfg.--Metal--Not Pressurized
59661Tank Building or Mfg.--Metal--Pressurized
59693Tanning--Animal Hides
59695Telecommunication Equipment Mfg.
59701Television Picture Tube Mfg.
59713Tent or Canopy Mfg.
59722Textile Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Printing, Finishing or Silk Screening--New Goods
59723Textile Coating or Impregnating
59724Textile Mfg.--Impregnated or Coated
59725Textile Products Mfg.--Fabricated
59726Textile Spinning, Weaving or Knitting Mills
59738Tie, Post or Pole Yard
59750Tire Mfg.--Auto, Bus or Truck
59751Tire Mfg.--Not Auto, Bus or Truck
59773Tobacco Products Mfg.--Cigars or Cigarettes
59774Tobacco Products Mfg.--Other
59775Tobacco Products Mfg.--Plug or Snuff
59781Tool Mfg.--Accessories
59782Tool Mfg.--Hand Type--Not Powered
59783Tool Mfg.--Hand Type--Powered
59784Tool Mfg.--Power Equipment--Household Type--Outdoor or Workshop
59790Toys or Games Mfg.
59798Trailers Mfg.
59806Truck Mfg. or Assembling
59867Turpentine or Resin Mfg.
59886Twine or Cordage Mfg.
59889Umbrella or Cane Mfg.
59892Valves Mfg.
59904Vegetable Oil Mfg.--By Solvent Extraction
59905Vegetable Oil Mfg.
59914Metal Works--Shop--Decorative or Artistic
59915Vending Machines Mfg.
59917Venetian Blinds Mfg. or Assembling
59923Watch or Watch Case Mfg.
59925Water Bottling--In Siphons
59926Water Bottling--Spring or Well--Not Sparkling or Carbonated
59927Water Bottling--Spring or Well--Sparkling or Carbonated
59931Wax or Wax Products Mfg.
59932Wax, Wax Products or Polish Mfg.--Floor
59941Wheel Mfg.
59947Wicker, Rattan, Willow or Twisted Fiber Products Mfg.
59955Wigs or Hair Pieces Mfg.
59963Wine Mfg.--Sparkling
59964Wine Mfg.--Still
59970Wire Cloth Mfg.
59973Wire Drawing
59975Wire Goods Mfg.
59977Wire Rope or Cable Mfg.--Metal
59984Wood Preserving
59985Wood Products Mfg.
59986Wood Turned Products Mfg.
59988Wool Combing, Scouring or Separating from Cotton
59989Wool Pulling
60010Apartment Buildings
60011Apartment Buildings--Garden
60012Apartment Buildings or Hotels Time-Sharing--Less Than 4 Stories
60013Apartment Buildings or Hotels Time-Sharing--4 Stories or More
60015Apartment Hotels--Less Than 4 Stories
60016Apartment Hotels--4 Stories or More
60035Automobile Renting or Leasing Companies
61000Boarding or Rooming Houses
61212Buildings or Premises--Bank or Office--Mercantile or Mfg. (Lessor's Risk Only)--Other Than Not-For-Profit
61216Buildings or Premises--Bank or Office--Mercantile or Mfg. (Lessor's Risk Only)--Not-For-Profit Only
61217Buildings or Premises--Bank or Office--Mercantile or Mfg. (Lessor's Risk Only)--Maintained by the Insured--Other Than Not-For-Profit
61218Buildings or Premises--Bank or Office--Mercantile or Mfg. (Lessor's Risk Only)--Maintained by the Insured--Not-For-Profit Only
61223Buildings or Premises--Bank and Other Financial Institutions
61224Buildings or Premises--Office--Premises Occupied by Employees of the Insured--Other Than Not-For-Profit
61225Buildings or Premises--Office--Premises Occupied by Employees of the Insured--Not-For-Profit Only
61226Buildings or Premises--Office--Other Than Not-For-Profit
61227Buildings or Premises--Office--Not-For-Profit Only
62000Condominiums--Commercial--Bank or Mercantile, Mfg. or Office (Association Risk Only)
62001Condominiums--Commercial Shopping Centers (Association Risk Only)
62002Condominiums--Commercial Warehouses--Mfg. or Private (Association Risk Only)
62003Condominiums--Residential--(Association Risk Only)
63010Dwellings--One-Family (Lessor's Risk Only)
63011Dwellings--Two-Family (Lessor's Risk Only)
63012Dwellings--Three-Family (Lessor's Risk Only)
63013Dwellings--Four-Family (Lessor's Risk Only)
63215Exhibition or Convention Buildings--Other Than Not-For-Profit
63216Exhibition or Convention Buildings--Not-For-Profit Only
63217Exhibitions--In Buildings--Other Than Not-For-Profit
63218Exhibitions--In Buildings--Not-For-Profit Only
63219Exhibitions--In Buildings--No Admission Charged--Other Than Not-For-Profit
63220Exhibitions--In Buildings--No Admission Charged--Not-For-Profit Only
64074Hotels and Motels--(Lessor's Risk Only)--Less Than Four Stories
64075Hotels and Motels--(Lessor's Risk Only)--Four Stories or More
64500Housing Projects--Federal, State, Local
65007Labor Union Offices
66122Lawyers Offices--Other Than Not-For-Profit
66123Lawyers Offices--Not-For-Profit Only
66561Medical Offices
67017Shelters, Mission, Settlement or Halfway Houses--Not Church or Office Building
67508Schools--Colleges, Universities, Junior Colleges or College Preparatory Other Than Not-For-Profit
67509Schools--Colleges, Universities, Junior Colleges or College Preparatory Not-For-Profit Only
67510Schools--Dormitory Facilities--Other Than Not-For-Profit
67511Schools--Dormitory Facilities--Not-For-Profit Only
67512Schools--Other Than Not-For-Profit
67513Schools--Not-For-Profit Only
67634Shopping Centers--Indoor Malls--Buildings or Premises Not Occupied by the Insured (Lessor's Risk Only)
67635Shopping Centers--Buildings or Premises Not Occupied by the Insured (Lessor's Risk Only)
68001Taxicab Companies
68439Ticket Agencies
68500Townhouses or Similar Associations (Association Risk Only)
68604Vacant Buildings--Factories
68606Vacant Buildings--Not Factories--Other Than Not-For-Profit
68607Vacant Buildings--Not Factories--Not-For-Profit Only
68702Warehouses--Occupied by Multiple Interests (Lessor's Risk Only)
68703Warehouses--Occupied by Single Interest (Lessor's Risk Only)
68706Warehouses--Private--Other Than Not-For-Profit
68707Warehouses--Private--Not-For-Profit Only
90089Advertising Sign Companies--Outdoor
91111Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment--Dealers or Distributors and Installation, Servicing or Repair
91125Airport Runway or Warming Apron--Paving or Repaving, Surfacing, Resurfacing or Scraping
91127Alarms and Alarm Systems--Installation, Servicing or Repair
91130Alarms--Security Systems--Monitoring
91135Analytical Chemists
91150Appliances and Accessories--Installation, Servicing or Repair--Commercial
91155Appliances and Accessories--Installation, Servicing or Repair--Household
91160Armored Car Service Companies
91175Auctioneers--Livestock--Sales Conducted Away from the Insured's Premises
91177Auctioneers--Sales Conducted Away from the Insured's Premises
91179Auctions--on Premises Owned or Rented by the Insured
91190Automobile Dismantling
91210Blasting Operations
91235Boat Repair and Servicing
91250Boiler Inspection, Installation, Cleaning or Repair
91265Bridge or Elevated Highway Construction--Iron or Steel
91266Bridge or Elevated Highway Construction--Concrete
91280Building Structure--Raising or Moving
91302Cable Installation in Conduits or Subways
91315Cable or Subscription Television Companies
91324Caisson or Cofferdam Work--Foundations for Buildings
91325Caisson or Cofferdam Work--Not Foundations for Buildings
91340Carpentry--Construction of Residential Property Not Exceeding Three Stories in Height
91343Carpentry--Shop Only
91405Carpet, Rug, Furniture or Upholstery Cleaning--on Customers' Premises
91436Ceiling or Wall Installation--Metal
91481Chimney Cleaning
91507Clay or Shale Digging
91523Cleaning--Outside Surfaces of Buildings & Other Exterior Surfaces
91547Commissary Work
91551Communication Equipment Installation--Industrial or Commercial
91555Computer Service or Repair
91560Concrete Construction
91562Concrete or Cement Distributing Towers--Rented to Others--Installation, Repair or Removal Operations Only
91577Conduit Construction for Cables or Wires
91580Contractors--Executive Supervisors or Executive Superintendents
91581Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Construction, Reconstruction, Erection or Repair--Not Buildings
91582Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Building Construction, Reconstruction, Repair or Erection--Apartment or Office Buildings over Four Stories
91583Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Building Construction, Reconstruction, Repair or Erection--One- or Two-Family Dwellings
91584Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Construction, Reconstruction, Repair or Erection of Buildings--for Industrial Use
91585Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Construction, Reconstruction, Repair or Erection of Buildings
91586Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Oil and Gas Field Construction, Reconstruction or Repair
91587Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Pipeline (Other Than Oil or Gas) or Communication or Power Line Construction, Reconstruction or Repair
91588Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Bridge, Tunnel, Elevated Street or Highway Construction, Reconstruction or Repair
91589Contractors--Subcontracted Work--In Connection with Street or Highway Construction or Repair, Not Elevated
91590Contractors Permanent Yards--Maintenance or Storage of Equipment or Material
91591Contractors--Subcontracted Work--Other Than Construction-Related Work
91600Construction or Project Manager
91606Crop Spraying--by Contractors
91618Dam or Reservoir Construction
91629Debris Removal--Construction Site
91636Detective or Investigative Agencies--Private
91641Dike, Levee or Revetment Construction
91722Dock Operations--Coal, Grain or Ore
91746Door, Window or Assembled Millwork--Installation--Metal
92053Dredging--Gold--Endless Bucket or Ladder Type
92054Dredging--Gold--Floating Dragline Type
92101Drilling--Other Than Water
92215Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk--Paving or Repaving
92338Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation
92445Electric Light or Power Companies
92446Electric Light or Power Line Construction
92447Electric Light or Power Line Construction--Rural Utilities Service Projects Only
92451Electrical Apparatus--Installation, Servicing or Repair
92478Electrical Work--within Buildings
92593Elevator or Escalator Inspecting, Installation, Servicing or Repair
92663Engineers or Architects--Consulting--Not Engaged in Actual Construction
94099Express Companies
94225Farm Machinery Operations--by Contractors
94276Fence Erection Contractors
94304Fire Extinguishers--Servicing, Refilling or Testing
94381Fire Suppression Systems--Installation, Servicing or Repair
94569Floor Covering Installation--Not Ceramic Tile or Stone
94590Floor Waxing
94617Freight Forwarders or Handlers--Other Than Packing, Handling or Shipping Explosives or Ammunition under Contract
94638Freight Forwarders or Handlers--Packing, Handling or Shipping Explosives or Ammunition under Contract
95124Furniture or Fixtures--Installation in Offices or Stores--Portable--Metal or Wood
95233Garbage, Ash or Refuse Collecting
95305Gas Companies
95306Gas Companies--Natural Gas--Local Distribution
95310Gas Mains or Connections Construction
95357Geophysical Exploration--Other
95358Geophysical Exploration--Seismic Method
95410Grading of Land
95455Grain Elevator Operations
95487Greenhouse Erection
95505Guniting or Shot-Crete
95630Hazardous Material Contractors
95647Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment--Dealers or Distributors and Installation, Servicing or Repair--No Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Equipment Sales or Work
95648Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment--Dealers or Distributors and Installation, Servicing or Repair
96053House Furnishings Installation
96317Inspection and Appraisal Companies--Inspecting for Insurance or Valuation Purposes
96408Insulation Work--Plastic
96409Insulation Work--Organic or Plastic in Solid State
96410Insulation Work--Mineral
96611Interior Decorators
96702Irrigation or Drainage System Construction
96703Irrigation Works Operations
96816Janitorial Services
96872Jetty or Breakwater Construction
96930Web Site Designers
97002Laboratories--Research, Development or Testing--Other Than Not-For-Profit
97003Laboratories--Research, Development or Testing--Not-For-Profit Only
97047Landscape Gardening
97050Lawn Care Services
97111Logging and Lumbering
97220Machine Shops
97221Machinery or Equipment--Farm--Installation, Servicing, Repair or Erection
97222Machinery or Equipment--Industrial--Installation, Servicing or Repair
97223Machinery or Equipment--Installation, Servicing or Repair
97308Marine Appraisers or Surveyors
97650Metal Erection--Decorative or Artistic
97651Metal Erection--Frame Structures Iron Work on Outside of Buildings
97652Metal Erection--In the Construction of Dwellings Not Exceeding 2 Stories in Height
97653Metal Erection--Nonstructural
97654Metal Erection--Steel Lock Gates, Gasholders, Standpipes, Water Towers, Smokestacks, Tanks, Silos, Prison Cells, Fire or Burglarproof Vaults
97655Metal Erection--Structural
98090Motion Pictures--Development of Negatives, Printing and All Subsequent Operations
98091Motion Pictures--Film Distribution or Exchanges--Not Located at Motion Picture Studios
98092Motion Pictures--Production--Studios or Outside--All Operations Prior to the Development of Negatives
98111Office Machines or Appliances--Installation, Inspection, Adjustment or Repair
98150Oil or Natural Gas Lease Operations
98151Oil or Gas Lease Operations--Natural Gas--within the Limits of Any Town or City on the Right-Of-Way of Any Railroad or in Any Ocean, Gulf or Bay
98152Oil or Gas Lease Work by Contractors--Not Lease Operation
98153Oil or Gas Wells--Acidizing
98154Oil or Gas Wells--Cementing
98155Oil or Gas Wells--Cleaning or Swabbing by Contractors
98156Oil or Gas Wells--Cleaning or Swabbing by Contractors--within the Limits of Any Town or City, on the Right-Of-Way of Any Railroad or in Any Ocean, Gulf or Bay
98157Oil or Gas Wells--Drilling or Redrilling, Installation or Recovery of Casing
98158Oil or Gas Wells--Drilling or Redrilling, Installation or Recovery of Casing--within the Limits of Any Town or City, on the Right-Of-Way of Any Railroad or in Any Ocean, Gulf or Bay
98159Oil or Gas Wells--Instrument Logging or Survey Work in Wells
98160Oil or Gas Wells--Perforating of Casing
98161Oil or Gas Wells--Servicing--By Contractors
98162Oil or Gas Wells--Shooting
98163Oil Rig or Derrick Erecting or Dismantling--Wood or Metal
98164Oil Still Erection or Repair
98257Orchards and Vineyards--Operation by Contractors
98303Painting--Exterior--Buildings or Structures--Exceeding Three Stories in Height
98304Painting--Exterior--Buildings or Structures--Three Stories or Less in Height
98305Painting--Interior--Buildings or Structures
98306Painting--Oil or Gasoline Tanks
98307Painting--Ship Hulls
98308Painting--Shop Only
98309Painting--Steel Structures or Bridges
98405Piano Tuning
98413Pile Driving--Building Foundation Only
98414Pile Driving--Other
98415Pile Driving--Sonic Method
98423Pipeline Construction--Gas
98424Pipeline Construction--Other
98425Pipeline Construction--Oil
98426Pipeline Construction--Slurry--Nonflammable Mixtures
98430Pipelines--Operation--Slurry--Nonflammable Mixtures
98449Plastering or Stucco Work
98482Plumbing--Commercial and Industrial
98483Plumbing--Residential or Domestic
98502Prefabricated Building Erection
98597Radio or TV Broadcasting Stations--Other Than Not-For-Profit
98598Radio or TV Broadcasting Stations--Not-For-Profit Only
98601Railroad Construction
98622Railroads--Operation and Maintenance--with BI Passenger Hazard
98623Railroads--Operation and Maintenance--without BI Passenger Hazard
98624Railroads--Shop Operation and Maintenance
98636Refrigeration Systems or Equipment--Dealers and Distributors and Installation, Servicing or Repair--Commercial
98640Renovating--Outside Surfaces of Buildings
98658Rigging--Not Ship or Boat
98659Rigging--Ship or Boat
98677Roofing--Commercial or Residential Over Three Stories
98678Roofing--Residential--Three Stories & Under
98698Salvage Operations
98699Salvage Operations--Removing, Sorting, Reconditioning and Distributing of Merchandise in Damaged
98710Sand or Gravel Digging
98751Security and Patrol Agencies
98806Septic Tank Systems--Installation, Servicing or Repair
98810Sewage Disposal--Plant Operations
98813Sewer Cleaning
98820Sewer Mains or Connections Construction
98871Shaft Sinking
98884Sheet Metal Work--Outside
98914Ship Ceiling or Scaling
98949Ship Repair or Conversion
98967Siding Installation
98993Sign Erection, Installation or Repair
99003Sign Painting or Lettering--Inside of Buildings
99004Sign Painting or Lettering--on Buildings or Structures
99080Solar Energy Contractors
99111Stables--Boarding, Livery or Racing
99160Steam Heating or Steam Power Companies
99163Steam Mains or Connections Construction
99165Steam Pipe or Boiler Insulation
99220Stevedoring--By Hand or by Means of Hand Trucks Exclusively--No Hoisting of Cargo
99221Stevedoring--Handling Explosives or Ammunition--under Contract
99223Stevedoring--Tallyers or Checking Clerks Engaged in Connection with Stevedoring Work
99303Street Cleaning
99310Snow & Ice Removal--Contractor
99315Street or Road Construction or Reconstruction
99321Street or Road Paving or Repaving, Surfacing or Resurfacing or Scraping
99471Surveyors--Land--Not Engaged in Actual Construction
99505Swimming Pool Servicing
99506Swimming Pools--Installation, Servicing or Repair--Above Ground
99507Swimming Pools--Installation, Servicing or Repair--Below Ground
99570Tank Construction, Installation, Erection or Repair--Metal--Not Pressurized
99571Tank Construction, Installation, Erection or Repair--Metal--Pressurized
99572Tank Construction, Installation, Erection or Repair--Metal--Not Pressurized--within Buildings Exclusively
99573Tank Construction, Installation, Erection or Repair--Metal--Pressurized--within Buildings Exclusively
99600Telecommunications Service Providers
99613Telephone, Telegraph or Cable Television Line Construction
99614Telegraph Companies
99620Teleproduction Studios
99650Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair
99709Tent or Canvas Goods--Erection, Removal or Repair--Away from Shop
99718Theatrical Companies--Traveling
99746Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work--Interior Construction
99760Tobacco Rehandling or Warehousing
99777Tree Pruning, Dusting, Spraying, Repairing, Trimming or Fumigating
99803Underpinning Buildings or Structures
99827Upholstering--Shop Only
99851Veterinarian or Veterinary Hospitals
99917Warehouse--Cold Storage--Public
99943Water Companies
99946Water Mains or Connections Construction
99948Water Softening Equipment--Installation, Servicing or Repair
99952Waterproofing--By Pressure Apparatus
99953Waterproofing--By Trowel--Exterior
99954Waterproofing--By Trowel--Interior or Insulation Work
99963Weighers, Samplers or Inspectors of Merchandise--on Vessels or Docks or at Railway Stations or Warehouses
99969Welding or Cutting
99975Window Cleaning
99986Wrecking--Buildings or Structures
99987Wrecking--Dismantling of Prefabricated Dwellings Not Exceeding Three Stories for Reerection
441105Governmental: Municipalities--Population 100,001-250,000
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