When we started using these tools we were unsure of the benefits. I could not understand the difference between Slack and Gmail.  Now I (we) can’t do without.

Slack is for collaboration and communication.  They even say they replace email.  A bit grandiose, but somewhat accurate.  I mean, sure you can see yourself communicating with your team internally, but you’re not going to work a deal through underwriting.  

Or maybe you will.  Liberty Mutual has deployed it companywide. (I bet there’s an Emu commercial thread)

We use Slack to keep project communication in a single channel as well as coordinate bug resolution between support and development. Any question asked and answered is available to any team member at any time.

Trello is pretty versatile. Boards, lists, and cards. You might have a renewal and new business board. Lists that represent different pipeline stages, and cards that team members use to keep track of an account’s progress and task completion.   

We use Trello to manage projects. Each card is typically its own objective. The description will include the scope and references, usually with some images. I use a checklist to organize the steps that need to be completed. It also has a communications function, which isn’t bad, but it’s just not the same as slack, so that’s where we talk about things.

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