2023 – Q3 Updates – Group Updating, Notes Page & Miscellaneous Improvements

Added a Notes page, Edit multiple records at once, name badge for user added contacts & more. … Read More

2023 – Q1 Updates – New Search Enhancements, More History, Calendar Link Fix

Part 2 updates include new search options, historical PEO & Agency data, and few key fixes. … Read More

2023 – Q1 Updates – Notifications, Exporting Features

This year we’re kicking off with Notifications. New OSHA violation? Rate increase? Added Locations? Be the first to know. … Read More

the Big Picture of Policy Details

Are you reading the policy details? I mean READING them. I’m not talking about the rate or premium, or the cute badges that calculate the year-to-year change, or the carrier group color-coding. It’s the sum of all these parts, the … Read More

AmTrust WC Market Report 2022

AmTrust’s boasts 15% growth for 2022. Their largest sector is the Retail industry, accounting for 29% of their WC portfolio. They’ve been most aggressive on Restaurants. … Read More

Ordering Loss Runs 101 – the Process

There is a lot to be said for loss runs. Logistically, they are required to bind coverage, and in many cases just to secure a quote. There is an order of magnitude to their complexity. All lines, same carrier … Read More

Ordering Loss Runs 101 – Strategy

Have you ever had a client ask for loss runs? What did you do? You likely got Acord forms updated, and promptly sent out to market. … Read More

Leveraging Reports

Leverage (verb) – use something to maximum advantage. This is why the Class and Carrier Reports were built, a means for an agent to maximize their advantage in a new business opportunity. … Read More

2022 – Q2 Updates – Multi-State Search now Available, Tweaks to TalkPoint and AgencyDash

Searching multiple states is now supported. Added more sorting options for the list view and tweaked TalkPoint. … Read More

Travelers WC Market Report 2022

Travelers’ largest sector is the Services industry, accounting for 47% of their WC portfolio. They’ve been most aggressive on Retail Stores and Schools … Read More