Terms of Service

By using this site (insurancexdate.com) you agree to and accept all Terms of Service (“Agreement”) and agree to be bound by the terms set forth herein.  Insurancexdate.com may make changes to the website and this Agreement which govern the use of service at any time.  

  1. Disclaimer.  While insurancexdate.com makes every effort to include and provide accurate and up to date information, errors and omissions do occur.  Any reference to and use of information obtained on this website is at your (user) own risk.  This site and information provided within are provided “AS IS”.  This site does not warrant that all functions and information contained in the site will be uninterrupted or error-free.  Incorrect search values and related functions will result in incorrect results.  
  1. Grant of License.  This license agreement between you (user) and insurancexdate.com grants you the right to access databases over an internet or data service connection, perform search functions of said databases and save information within database.  User is not permitted to copy or reproduce any information on this site.  All information and databases within site are for the exclusive use of user.
  1. Permitted Use.  All databases created by insurancexdate.com are the sole property of the site owners and may not be copied or reproduced.  All information added to database and/or site are the sole property of the site owners and may not be copied or reproduced.  The databases contained in this site are protected by applicable copyright laws.  Nonhuman retrieval methods are prohibited.  Insurancexdate.com reserves the right to restrict or prohibit user for excessive queries.  
  1. Hold Harmless.  User agrees to hold harmless insurancexdate.com and its owners for any damages (including, but not limited to loss of data, profit or interruption of business)arising out of the use or inability to use site and service provided.  
  1. Transfer.  Your License is non-transferrable and may not be shared.
  1. Termination.  Any violation to this Agreement will result in termination.  
  1. Billing .  Subscriptions are billed automatically on a recurring basis. Your billing date is the day you sign up for service. For monthly subscriptions you will be billed the same day each month. For annual subscriptions you will be billed the same day each year. Refer to the Cancellation section for instructions to cancel your account.  

    7a. Monthly subscriptions are billed for 3 months of service on the initial installment – the first month installment plus the last 2 months, which serves as your cancellation period.

    7b. If you upgrade to the annual subscription this amount will be credited toward purchase.
  1. Cancellation .  Subscriptions may be canceled by either party. User must contact Insurance Xdate in writing via email (support at insurancexdate.com) or the “Contact Us” form on the website to cancel subscription. Insurance Xdate reserves the right to cancel any subscription, at any time, without notice, for any reason Insurance Xdate considers appropriate.  

    8a. Monthly subscriptions are canceled effective the next billing cycle, which starts your cancellation period. Your account remains active for 2 monthly billing cycles but you will not be billed any further.
  1. Refunds .   There are no refunds offered and no pro-rating for cancellation. A 2 hour free trial and product demo are available prior to purchasing so you can make your decision.  
  1. Credit Card Disputes/Chargebacks .  Insurance Xdate has a zero tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment is subject to a fee commensurate with the dispute fee charged by the banking institution, account suspension and/or termination and will not be permitted on site until all fees are paid.  
  1. Reactivation .   If your account was previously cancelled, suspended or terminated due to a dispute you will need to pay all outstanding fees to reactivate your account.  
  1. Privacy.  User’s personal information including name, address, contact and billing information are not shared, sold or distributed.  
  1. Trial.  The free trial is inteded for a user to familiarize themselves with the product and the data to determine if it suits their needs. The site reserve the right to cancel a trial at any time for any reason.