Commercial Insurance Data

Commercial Data

If timing were everything the renewal date would be enough, but today’s environment requires something more. Broader data sources with a deep history for better early-stage qualification, market analysis to establish credibility, and rate aggregations for a compelling reason to gain entry to the best opportunities. Join 3,000+ productive agents and see what sets Xdate apart.

Comprehensive Data

How we deliver results

By combining high quality data with a powerful, easy to use interface. Together with the tools necessary for agencies of all sizes.

Workers Comp

Look further than the current term. With over 50% of our database carrying three or more years of WC history, our Producers can easily spot the shoppers from real opportunities. And whether it’s the year over year premium increase they see in the policy data, or upcoming changes to a carrier’s rate filings, they have a compelling reason for the call when the decision maker is on the line.

Multi-State Ops

As our operating footprint has expanded to 25 states over the past 5 years, it only makes sense that we expand our view to identify businesses with multi-state operations complete with state level coverage, locations and any other data element available in the state. Whether or not you’re looking for this type of risk, it’s always helpful to know before the call.

Health & Retirement

You may not need to know how much your prospect pays for their health coverage, or asset size of the retirement plan but the best producers know these cross-channels can influence decisions, and can use it to their advantage. It’s a big benefit.


It’s not just for the transportation industry. Thousands of businesses managing their own logistics and deliveries are subject to this reporting. So, there’s no need to guess how many drivers or power units a prospect has, or who their Auto Liability carrier is.


Growing in popularity, PEO account identification was an obvious course of action. Taking it a step further than simple policy type identification, all identified accounts have been matched to the PEO provider, so production can deliver a tailored message.


Inspections and violations are superficial. Standard(s) violated, penalties incurred, and outcomes are just a couple ways we create a better prospect profile.

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What clients are saying

Our goal is provide high quality data and services to help agents reach their goals.

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for this update. The producers and myself use your database on a daily basis and for multiple hours per day, and this update makes our jobs much easier and allows us to work more efficiently. Thank you!”
Dylan Lomax
Brown & Brown Metro, LLC
"I actually do mailings every two weeks or so and your resource is invaluable to me and saves me 15 to 20 hours a month of research I was doing at home. I basically plan to be a subscriber indefinitely as the information I need changes from year to year and I need to stay on top of it."
Phil Rickenbach
NTI Group

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