Commercial Insurance Data

Commercial Data

Data can tell you when a policy renews, properly managed data can tell you individual buying patterns, market trends, and competitor weakness.

Comprehensive Data

How we deliver results

By combining high quality data with a powerful, easy to use interface. Together with the tools necessary for agencies of all sizes.

Workers Comp History

Over 60% of our records carry three plus years of policy history to provide context to a prospect's current situation. So it's not just the Rate, it's where it has been, and where it's going.


PEO policy and provider identification and filtering, now accounting for approximately 8% of the database.

Multi-State Ops

As our operating footprint has expanded to 28 states it only makes sense that we expand our view to identify businesses with multi-state operations.

Employee Benefits

Group Health provider, premium and broker, Retirement plan financials, participation and advisor info.


Inspections and violations are superficial. Standard(s) violated, penalties incurred, and outcomes are just a couple ways we create a better prospect profile.


It’s not just for the transportation industry. Thousands of businesses managing their own logistics and deliveries are subject to this reporting.

Commercial States
Business Listings
Benefits States

What clients are saying

Our goal is provide high quality data and services to help agents reach their goals.

“The content library and HR tools are nice, but I need a prospecting tool I can actually prospect with. I want to see a quick list, make a couple calls and talk to some people. That's why I'm back.”
Glenn Wells
Our office has transformed from farmers into hunters thanks to Xdate.
Tucker Smith
Area Manager

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