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a 5 Year Review of the WC Carrier Group Playing Field
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Gains & losses spanning volume, rate filings, premium & competitors
Insurance transactions at the industry and individual class code level rarely match surface level trends. These reports break down the WC carrier markets’ behaviors and appetites over a 5 year period. Year over year volume and rate trends, premium increases and decreases, top classes written, new business vs. renewal business cohorts, who do they compete against and who has the upper hand. 
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AmTrust Report



  • 15% Growth in policy volume, 2x prior year
  • Based on LCM filings, most competitive on Restaurants (9082) for new business with a 17% rate decrease
  • LCM’s averaging 1.37 to 1.65 most recently
  • Based on Premium, also most competitive on Restaurants at a 10% average premium decrease for new biz
  • Renewal decreases indicate a willingness to fend off competition
BCBS Report

BCBS of MI (aka Accident Fund)


  • 10% Decline in policy volume compared to prior year
  •  Rates have been climbing since early 2021
  • Schools/Churches & Social Services are hot classes
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Berkshire Hathaway

  •  13% growth in policy volume for 2022
  • Construction is 36% of their book, however Attendant Care/Home Health is the single largest class they write
  • 7-14% rate increases in their top classes
  • averaging 11% premium decrease on new biz Trucking
chubb report


  • 2.3% decline in policy volume ending 2022
  • Notable growth states include NY & TX
  •  Rates coming in between 1.432 and 1.6 toward year end
  • Chubb is coming in 24% low (premium) on new biz for Retail Stores & Oil Still Erection
CNA report


  • 2.5% decline in policy volume capping a 4 year losing streak
  • 53% Services industry
  • Delivering 3-9% rate increases on renewals
  • Averaging 11% Premium decreases on Electrical Contracting renewals (fighting competition)
Employers report


  • 10% growth capping off a 4 year win streak with significant growth in NY (55%)
  • Aggressive rate filings coming in between 1.261 and 1.312 toward year end
  • Very aggressive in securing new business across the Retail & Services sectors
  • Schools/Churches and Hotels seeing an average 25% premium decrease on new biz
Erie report


  • 1.8% growth in policy volume. Sliding 4% in PA, offset by 25% growth in TN 
  • 30% Construction despite a 2 year decline in the sector
  • Rates trending up, remaining competitive at 1.47 to 1.51
  • Sheet Metal shops appear to be in their cross-hairs 
Hanover Report


  • Notched 7% growth adding to a win streak
  • 55% services with a sweet spot for Physicians 
  • Average 15% rate decrease on new biz Physicians
  • Veterinary hospitals enjoyed an average 15% premium decrease on new biz through 2022
Hartford Report


  • 10% increase in policy count with NY, FL and AZ having standout growth
  • 55% Services sector
  • Rates showing a diverging pattern, ending the year 1.49 to 1.81
  • 9% premium increases on class 8018 and 6% for 9082 renewals
Liberty Mutual Report

Liberty Mutual

  • 7% slide from 2021. Decline in larger markets of IL and NJ
  • Notable classes include Fast-Food Restaurants and Trucking risks 
  • May be using increased rates to offset premium erosion due to lower exposure within customer base
  • Construction is coming off 2 years of double digit increases, ending the year slightly under par

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