Tenure is a new addition to the Enhanced Search add-on. It enables you to target businesses based on how long they’ve been with the incumbent provider. In other words we turned length of service into a search filter. Go find some sleepers. 

KB article here

Notes Page - Master Account Enhancement

Heavily requested, Master account holders can now view their team’s notes on the Notes page. There is a toggle in the header. Name of user displays in the list view. 

KB Article here

Massachusetts's is Available, NY get's Mod & Class

That’s neat. Check it out.

Zapier app is available

Xdate’s Zapier app is now available on their app store. Some templates are set up for other common systems. You can set your flags as triggers to send records to your other systems (e.g. scheduling an appointment on Xdate can send the record to AgencyZoom or whatever CRM you use). You can also initiate a look up in Xdate from another system. Our support team can assist with setting up Xdate triggered zaps, just send them an email.

KB article here

Miscellaneous Improvements

  •  Mobile app has been crash free for 2,500 sessions over 90 days. Hopefully that has been your experience.
  • Locations – Year Added – there was a bug causing the current year to override, has been fixed

On Deck

  •  We have a MAP coming to the web platform and it’s shaping up to be useful, and pretty cool. 
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