Email Integrations

Send your prospect an email directly from the policy details section. Create templates for typical correspondence with personalization fields. Tailor a message for rate or mod increases. Confirm the appointment you scheduled. Have your literature ready to send. There are a lot of options.  Available for GSuite and Outlook.

KB article for more info.

HawkSoft Integration

It’s more of a band-aid while we await new account creation functionality in their API, but you can now import single files into your AMS cutting out a ton (but not all) of manual entry.

KB article for more info.

Locations Tab Map

Not too much to say here. It’s a great way to see the scope of a prospect’s geographic footprint outside scrolling the list, which you know you can export, right? 

Other Updates

  • Multiple Class Codes display in modal (as available)
  • Carrier/Class Reports Update
  • Added city/state to the ‘google name search’ button

On Deck:

NEW STATES: We will be rolling out in AK, AR, ID, IN, IA, KS, LA, MS, MT, NM, RI, SD, UT and WV over the summer.

New Data: we have PAYROLL coming to several states – CO, GA, IL, ME, NV and OK. These states are also providing number of employees. We’re in process of loading this information to get it visible on the interface, and will have it searchable over the summer. 

Mobile app – minor improvements coming.

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