Notes Page

Added a notes page for list view access to all accounts you have made a note on. The list is displayed descending by date of the note entries. The notes page is accessed from the Flags dropdown menu, found in the header menu. 

KB article here

User Added Contacts include a name badge

Edited or added contacts now include a name badge of the user that made the edit or addition. This will distinguish the contacts added by members of your organization versus the contact data that is included by Xdate. 

KB Article here

Group Editing/Updating

You can now edit or update multiple records in any of our List Views including search results, flag or group folders. Add or remove from a group, update or remove a flag, or export selected records. 

KB article here

Miscellaneous Improvements

  •  Added policy states to the export file. Provides visibility of an account’s operating states on the export file. Located in column AM. Did this a little while back, forgot to post it.
  • Assigned Searches & Groups – the assignee (receiver) of a search or group can now remove the assigned list from their saved searches or groups. We will be expanding on group functionality in a future update, which will also allow the receiver to add/remove records from the list. 
  • Added the ‘main’ location to the Locations tab. This was an oversight on our part when we last updated the Locations tab. So now, if you export the locations schedule, it will include all locations. 
  • Master Account – added name fields for editing. This was the most requested feature…by our support team. So if you have a ‘changing of the guard’ the new account holder no longer has to be stuck with the old user’s name. 
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