The reports section has seen several iterations and will likely see more in the future. Each report has a purpose. X-State summarizes multi-state operations, Carrier looks at the historical performance and performance against peers, and Class summarizes competition within the state for the prospect’s class of business.


It could be a satellite office in a neighboring state, or a national restaurant chain, the X-State report provides an easy way to digest and understand a prospect’s operations outside of a state silo.

Whether 2 states or 20, this versatile report gives you a macro-level view of several key areas:

  • Account Level Summary
  • Premium & Rate history
  • Operational Footprint 
  • Carrier History

The Carrier Report provides a historical view of the carrier groups renewal volume broken down by industry- net monthly changes (growth/shrinkage) and year over year accounts written.

Depending on state premium and rate trend charts are also available.

The bottom section includes a Win and Loss report for the incumbent’s peers. This can be useful for determining how aggressive a carrier is.  


The Class Report focuses heavily on Loss Cost Multiplier (LCM) filings, their usage within the class and volume changes. Reports include a monthly trend and carrier group filed LCM matrix for reference.

The bottom ranks carrier groups by retention, won (new) and lost business for the prospect’s class in your state.

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