The reports section has seen several iterations and will likely see more in the future. Each report has a purpose. X-State summarizes multi-state operations, Carrier looks at the historical performance and performance against peers, and Class summarizes competition within the … Read More

CRM – Activity Management Features

The CRM functionality has evolved over the years, much of which has come from user feedback, and will continue to evolve for what feels like a never ending time line. It started as a notes section in 2014, flag options … Read More

Understanding Business & Policy Level Details

This Cliff’s notes summary covers the (less abundant) enhanced data element visibility and functionality. For a deep dive check out this Knowledge Base article. All the Orange If it’s orange it’s interactive, click on it – Linkedin Company page, website, … Read More

Search Mechanics

In/Out of State Filtering You can include (excluded by default) businesses with operations in your state that are domiciled outside of the state. If you are having trouble finding an account using the name search it can be helpful to … Read More