Multi-State Searching

Searching multiple states is now supported. Note the available criteria is based on the states selected. So if you search GA and SC, you won’t be able to use premium and agency because it is not available in SC.

Zip code radius is a good option for agents living on a boarder.  KB article is updated.

List View UI

We nixed the header rows to free up some sorting options, which now include Premium, LCM and Mod. We also added these values to the list view UI for quicker reference. Note there are still some bugs to be worked out with multi-state records (i.e. the list might display the premium for the prospect’s GA policy while viewing the IL based record). Hover your mouse over the value to view the tooltip (label). KB


Tweaked market competitiveness logic to factor the prospect’s current situation (in other words if the incumbent is very competitive within the prospect’s class of business, but not competitive on the prospect’s coverage, this point generates in the text).

Same with the Mod TalkPoint. Tweaked to deliver a more tailored message to the prospect.

About the same with LCM logic. 

Minor text changes. KB


Corrected errors causing newer violation data to not match. System is processing the data, will take approximately 2 weeks to fully process. Expected to increase violation data by 15%


Slight facelift. Added number of views, searches, notes and exports to activity tracking at the user level, over time. This means team leaders can view activity even if the agent is not using the flag options, and has quick access to the record (see below). Time filters have also been added.

All of this information shows up in the activity log as well. The businesses viewed can be pulled up here too.

Fixed a map bug causing null values to populate. KB

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