CRM Integrations (beta)

Well that took a while. Salesforce and HubSpot base integrations are finally available for Beta testing and can be installed from the Settings menu. This will allow you to push (create) or update an account and contacts. Check out the KB article for a full write up and instructions.


TalkPoint generates potential pain points by analyzing available data on a sample of similar businesses based on location, size and classification, and providing simple benchmarks to indicate rate, premium and overall market competitiveness. Full write up available in the KB. Click on the image to see what all the fuss is about.

Carrier Comparison

Carrier Comparison is our first attempt at providing on-demand, real-time analysis for our members to compare carriers within a market. You can filter up to 5 carrier groups, and drill down to specific states or keep it broad.

Annual renewal volume trends by state and on the whole, industry trends, net changes, LCM and Premium trends. No write up in the KB yet but check it out and start clicking buttons here. (paid service required to access)

Agency is fully Searchable

Agency is now searchable in 7 states (IL will be available February 2022). We also  normalized the names so you don’t have to make so many clicks. You’ll see the reported name of the agency in the modal, in the upper left pane. Check out our data availability for states it is searchable in. We will make this data viewable (when available) in all states as it populates. 

Miscellaneous Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • LossRunner – removed fax requirement to generate form
  • Next Year flag fix preventing new flag from overriding
  • Group Tag visibility in List View
  • Benefits Export file includes more fields
  • Same term premium changes are being tracked
    • When premium changes occur during the same policy you’ll see it. And where many ask why, we ask why did this premium increase 20% since binding. Go drive a wedge.
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