Calendar Integration

Connect your calendar to sync scheduled events. Highly flexible, two-way updating, available for Outlook or Google. Check out the guide for the details and how to install.

Enhancements & Updates

Scheduled events can now be edited or deleted. Pipeline flags can also be deleted (in addition to the existing remove option). Pretty simple but check it out here if you need some instruction.

The Carrier Search add-on is now Premium Search. Along with the name we have added a number of new targeting options including all additional data set matches- OSHA, DOT, Benefits as well as multi-state ops. Check it out here!

Loss Run Release Form section is still in beta, but has received a more intuitive interface and general revamp to carrier contact area. Still not perfect but a significant improvement. Considering the utilization, this is here to stay and we will continue to refine and polish. Check out the instructions to get started!

Bug fixes

Resolved a bug affecting access to the mobile app for certain users.

The Name Search was producing results from outside the state being searched. Name searches will now respond to the ‘in state only’ or ‘all’ switch located by the state selection box in the search menu. 

Known Bugs:

The calendar integration is causing duplications on the mobile app for some users. This only affects the display of the mobile app, but does not affect any functionality. Working on a resolution.

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