This Cliff’s notes summary covers the (less abundant) enhanced data element visibility and functionality. For a deep dive check out this Knowledge Base article.

All the Orange

If it’s orange it’s interactive, click on it – Linkedin Company page, website, a bunch of ‘google it‘ options (the business name, map the address, and phone numbers), and add’l names/locations (not shown).

You’ll notice the Phone numbers (and email addresses) themselves are orange – if you have a VOIP phone (odds are you do) you can Click to Call. You can also edit, delete and up/down vote contacts. More on that in the CRM section.

Business Info (upper left)

In addition to the typical you will see summary details from OSHA (violation count, fine totals) and DOT (drivers, units, insurance if required to report) data sets. You can view full details using the tabs on the upper right side of the modal.

PEO provider and Current Agency will also appear here. 

Carrier History (upper right)

Policy terms are color-coded by Carrier Group to quickly identify changes

Badges will appear to indicate Assigned Risk (AR) or PEO policies (not illustrated)

When available, you will see a % change from prior term for key transactional elements 

If there is a newly filed LCM it will show in parenthesis (not illustrated)

If multi-state ops are identified, you’ll see the states listed in the header

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