Search & CRM Enhancements

List Assignment

At the request of all the business development managers out there, users now have the ability to assign Groups and Searches to other users within their organization.  From the dashboard simply click on the ‘menu’ button and select the user.  Then email them because we haven’t set up notifications for it yet.  Notifications are coming soon, we promise.  They will see the list in the respective window on their Dashboard.

Premium Increase/Decrease

If we have Premium in your state, you can now target businesses that have had an increase or decrease from the prior term.  Make your selection from the ‘Addl. Filters’ below the field.

Company Related Names

Related names are now supported in the Company Name Search.  Maybe you just drove past Aluminum Castings Co, but they trade as Alcast Co.  It’s all the same now.  Check out an example here.

Contact Info

The year a contact has been added is now visible, located under the Voting buttons.

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