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Tim is a smooth talking southerner from GA; a seasoned vet with the stories to match.  He is a former independent owner/operator that later sold his agency to a bank, which hired him as a Producer to continue maintaining his book and grow the commercial insurance division. 

‘I just wanted to sell again.  I was the owner/producer, my wife did all the account management, we had a part-time accountant and we shared operational duties.  Inevitably all I did was play defense, put out fires and juggle operational matters when there wasn’t an emergency to handle.’  Tim went on to say it had been several years and he could not be happier with the decision.      

How do you make use of Insurance Xdate?

I make calls.  Other producers make calls.  We have a telemarketer that thinks highly of Xdate.  The notes are helpful.  I export small accounts to do email and mail campaigns.  I need the small stuff calling me, not the other way around.      

Have you seen an increase anywhere in the new business production cycle since using Insurance Xdate?

 I’ve always used an xdate service.  I still had a subscription to data****** when I signed up with you because it was noticeably more accurate and current.  It has made my life so much easier when it comes to new business. 

 I target classes that fit program business for the smaller stuff.  I know which markets I can beat and the carrier search makes it pretty easy to target those accounts.  I did the same thing with auto dealers earlier this year.  A big player increased rates across the board.  In 9 months I’ve quoted 14 dealerships and wrote 10.  I made my year before the end of the 2nd quarter.  Once in a while you discover something like this, and the masses don’t.  I don’t know how else I could have taken advantage of this information without Xdate.

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