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All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation


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All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation


This industry includes stores primarily engaged in the retail sale of used merchandise, antiques, and secondhand goods, such as clothing and shoes; furniture; books and rare manuscripts; musical instruments; office furniture; phonographs and phonograph records; and store fixtures and equipment. This industry also includes pawnshops. Dealers primarily engaged in selling used motor vehicles, trailers, and boats are classified in Major Group 55, and those selling used mobile homes are classified in Industry 5271. Establishments primarily selling used automobile parts and accessories are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5015, and scrap and waste dealers are classified in Industry 5093. Establishments primarily engaged in automotive repair are classified in Services, Industry Group 753.
  • Antique stores-retail
  • Book stores, secondhand-retail
  • Building materials, used-retail
  • Clothing stores, secondhand-retail
  • Furniture stores, secondhand-retail
  • Furniture, antique-retail
  • Glassware, antique-retail
  • Home furnishing stores, secondhand-retail
  • Home furnishings, antique-retail
  • Manuscripts, rare-retail
  • Musical instrument stores, second-hand-retail
  • Objects of art, antique-retail
  • Pawnshops
  • Phonograph and phonograph record stores, secondhand-retail
  • Shoe stores, secondhand-retail

Top Carriers

Travelers Grp
State Fund
Hartford Fire & Cas Grp
Clearpath Mutual Insurance Com
Amtrust Ngh Grp
Wr Berkley Corp Grp

Top Agents

Union Life & Casualty Insuranc
Wexler Ins Agcy
Amtrust North America, Inc
Ap Intego Gusto

Cross Reference

Find industry codes related to the SIC Code 5932. This includes General Liability, NAICS, and state and NCCI Class Codes.

General Liability (GL)

10026 Antique Stores
18437 Stores--No Food or Drink--Other Than Not-For-Profit


453310 Used Merchandise Stores
522298 All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation

NCCI Class Code

8017 Store--Retail NOC

CA Class Code

8017 Stores — retail

DE Class Code

0928 Retail Stores, N.O.C.

MI Class Code


NJ Class Code

8017 Store--Retail NOC

NY Class Code

8017 Store--Retail NOC

PA Class Code

0928 Retail Stores, N.O.C.

TX Class Code

8017 Store--Retail NOC

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