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Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Mfg.


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Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Mfg.


Establishments operating without a mine or quarry and primarily engaged in crushing, grinding, pulverizing, or otherwise preparing clay, ceramic, and refractory minerals; barite; and miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuels. These minerals are the crude products mined by establishments of Industry Groups 145 and 149, and by those of Industry 1479 mining barite. Also included are establishments primarily crushing slag and preparing roofing granules. The beneficiation or preparation of other minerals and metallic ores, and the cleaning and grading of coal, are classified in Division B, Mining, whether or not the operation is associated with a mine.
  • Barite, ground or otherwise treated
  • Barium, ground or otherwise treated
  • Blast furnace slag
  • Clay for petroleum refining, chemically processed
  • Clay, ground or otherwise treated
  • Desiccants, activated: clay
  • Diatomaceous earth, ground or otherwise treated
  • Feldspar, ground or otherwise treated
  • Filtering clays, treated purchased materials
  • Flint, ground or otherwise treated
  • Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treated
  • Fuller's earth, ground or otherwise treated
  • Graphite, natural: ground, pulverized, refined, or blended
  • Kaolin, ground or otherwise treated
  • Lead, black (natural graphite): ground, refined, or blended
  • Magnesite, crude: ground, calcined, or dead-burned
  • Mica, ground or otherwise treated
  • Perlite aggregate
  • Perlite, expanded
  • Plumbago: ground, refined, or blended
  • Pulverized earth
  • Pumice, ground or otherwise treated
  • Pyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated
  • Roofing granules
  • Shale, expanded
  • Silicon, ultra high purity: treated purchased materials
  • Slag, crushed or ground
  • Spar, ground or otherwise treated
  • Steatite, ground or otherwise treated
  • Talc, ground or otherwise treated
  • Vermiculite, ex-foliated

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Cross Reference

Find industry codes related to the SIC Code 3295. This includes General Liability, NAICS, and state and NCCI Class Codes.

General Liability (GL)

57611 Ore Milling or Processing


327992 Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Manufacturing

NCCI Class Code

1452 Graphite Mfg.--Not Artificial & Drivers.

CA Class Code

1452 Mining — ore milling

DE Class Code

0507 Graphfite Products MFG.

MI Class Code


NJ Class Code

1452 GRAPHITE MFG – not artificial – & Drivers

NY Class Code

1452 Stonecutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers.

PA Class Code

0507 Graphfite Products MFG.

TX Class Code

1803 Stonecutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers.

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