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Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals




Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals


This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing instruments for measuring and testing the characteristics of electricity and electrical signals. Examples of products made by these establishments are circuit and continuity testers, voltmeters, ohm meters, wattmeters, multimeters, and semiconductor test equipment.

Alternate NAICS Descriptions

  • Alternator and generator testers manufacturing
  • Ampere-hour meters manufacturing
  • Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics manufacturing
  • Audiofrequency oscillators manufacturing
  • Audiometers (except medical) manufacturing
  • Automotive electrical engine diagnostic equipment manufacturing
  • Battery testers, electrical, manufacturing
  • Bridges, electrical (e.g., Kelvin, megohm, vacuum tube, Wheatstone), manufacturing
  • Circuit testers manufacturing
  • Communications signal testing equipment
  • Current measuring equipment manufacturing
  • Decade boxes (i.e., capacitance, inductance, resistance) manufacturing
  • Demand meters, electric, manufacturing
  • Digital panel meters, electricity measuring, manufacturing
  • Digital test equipment (e.g., electronic and electrical circuits and equipment testing) manufacturing
  • Diode and transistor testers manufacturing
  • Distortion meters and analyzers manufacturing
  • Elapsed time meters, electronic, manufacturing
  • Electrical network analyzers manufacturing
  • Electrical power measuring equipment manufacturing
  • Electricity and electrical signal measuring instruments manufacturing
  • Electricity and electrical signal testing equipment manufacturing
  • Electron tube test equipment manufacturing
  • Electronic test equipment for testing electrical characteristics manufacturing
  • Energy measuring equipment, electrical, manufacturing
  • Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical, manufacturing
  • Frequency meters (e.g., electrical, electronic, mechanical) manufacturing
  • Frequency synthesizers manufacturing
  • Function generators manufacturing
  • Galvanometers (except geophysical) manufacturing
  • Graphic recording meters, electric, manufacturing
  • Ignition testing instruments manufacturing
  • Impedance measuring equipment manufacturing
  • Indicating instruments, electric, manufacturing
  • Instrument shunts manufacturing
  • Instruments for measuring electrical quantities manufacturing
  • Instruments, electric (i.e., testing electrical characteristics), manufacturing
  • Integrated-circuit testers manufacturing
  • Integrating electricity meters manufacturing
  • Internal combustion engine analyzers (i.e., testing electrical characteristics) manufacturing
  • Kelvin bridges (i.e., electrical measuring instruments) manufacturing
  • Laboratory standards testing instruments (e.g., capacitance, electrical resistance, inductance) manufacturing
  • Logic circuit testers manufacturing
  • Measuring equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment manufacturing
  • Measuring instruments and meters, electric, manufacturing
  • Meters, electrical (i.e., graphic recording, panelboard, pocket, portable), manufacturing
  • Meters, power factor and phase angle, manufacturing
  • Microwave test equipment manufacturing
  • Multimeters manufacturing
  • Ohmmeters manufacturing
  • Oscillators (e.g., instrument type audiofrequency and radiofrequency) manufacturing
  • Oscilloscopes manufacturing
  • Phase angle meters manufacturing
  • Portable test meters manufacturing
  • Potentiometric instruments (except industrial process-type) manufacturing
  • Power factor meters manufacturing
  • Power measuring equipment, electrical, manufacturing
  • Pulse (i.e., signal) generators manufacturing
  • Radar testing instruments, electric, manufacturing
  • Radiofrequency measuring equipment manufacturing
  • Radiofrequency oscillators manufacturing
  • Recorders, oscillographic, manufacturing
  • Relays (except electrical, electronic), instrument, manufacturing
  • Resistance measuring equipment manufacturing
  • Semiconductor test equipment manufacturing
  • Shunts, instrument, manufacturing
  • Signal generators and averagers manufacturing
  • Spark plug testing instruments, electric, manufacturing
  • Spectrum analyzers manufacturing
  • Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring manufacturing
  • Standing wave ratio measuring equipment manufacturing
  • Stroboscopes manufacturing
  • Sweep generators manufacturing
  • Sweep oscillators manufacturing
  • Synchroscopes manufacturing
  • Tachometer generators manufacturing
  • Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment manufacturing
  • Test sets, ignition harness, manufacturing
  • Voltmeters manufacturing
  • Watt-hour and demand meters, combined, manufacturing
  • Watt-hour and time switch meters, combined, manufacturing
  • Watt-hour meters, electric, manufacturing
  • Wattmeters manufacturing
  • Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment manufacturing
  • Wheatstone bridges (i.e., electrical measuring instruments) manufacturing
  • X-Y recorders (i.e., plotters (except computer peripheral equipment)) manufacturing

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Hartford Fire & Cas Grp
Employers Holdings Grp
Travelers Grp
Texas Mutual Ins Co
American Intl Grp

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Brown & Brown
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Amtrust North America, Inc
Arlington/roe Co Inc
Arthur J. Gallagher

Cross Reference

Find industry codes related to the NAICS Code 334515. This includes General Liability, NAICS, and state and NCCI Class Codes.

General Liability (GL)

55647 Instrument Mfg.--Analytical, Calibrating, Measuring, Testing or Recording


3825 Instruments To Measure Electricity

NCCI Class Code

3685 Instrument Mfg. NOC.

CA Class Code

3681 Instrument Mfg. — electronic

DE Class Code

0487 Surgical Optical Instrument MFG.

MI Class Code


NJ Class Code


NY Class Code

3685 Instrument Mfg. NOC.

PA Class Code

0487 Surgical Optical Instrument MFG.

TX Class Code

3685 Air Pressure or Steam Gauge Mfg.

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