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Sawmill, Woodworking, and Paper Machinery Manufacturing




Sawmill, Woodworking, and Paper Machinery Manufacturing


This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing sawmill and woodworking machinery (except handheld), such as circular and band sawing equipment, planning machinery, and sanding machinery and/or (2) manufacturing paper industry machinery for making paper and paper products, such as pulp making machinery, paper and paperboard making machinery, and paper and paperboard converting machinery.

Alternate NAICS Descriptions

  • Bandsaws, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Chippers, stationary (e.g., log), manufacturing
  • Circular saws, woodworking-type, stationary, manufacturing
  • Dovetailing machines, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Drill presses, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Envelope making machinery manufacturing
  • Fourdrinier machinery manufacturing
  • Jigsaws, woodworking-type, stationary, manufacturing
  • Jointers, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Lathes, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Log debarking machinery, stationary, manufacturing
  • Log splitters, stationary, manufacturing
  • Mortisers, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Paper and paperboard coating and finishing machinery manufacturing
  • Paper and paperboard converting machinery manufacturing
  • Paper and paperboard corrugating machinery manufacturing
  • Paper and paperboard cutting and folding machinery manufacturing
  • Paper and paperboard die-cutting and stamping machinery manufacturing
  • Paper bag making machinery manufacturing
  • Paper making machinery manufacturing
  • Paperboard box making machinery manufacturing
  • Paperboard making machinery manufacturing
  • Planers woodworking-type, stationary, manufacturing
  • Presses for making composite woods (e.g., hardboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, plywood) manufacturing
  • Pulp making machinery manufacturing
  • Pulp, paper, and paperboard molding machinery manufacturing
  • Sanding machines, woodworking-type, stationary, manufacturing
  • Sandpaper making machines manufacturing
  • Sawmill equipment manufacturing
  • Saws, bench and table, power-driven, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Scarfing machines, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Shapers, woodworking-type, manufacturing
  • Veneer and plywood forming machinery manufacturing
  • Wood verneer laminating and gluing machines manufacturing
  • Woodworking machines (except handheld) manufacturing

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State Fund
Liberty Mut Grp
Hartford Fire & Cas Grp
Sentry Ins Grp
Bcbs Of Mi Grp

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Alera Group Inc
Ashley Byrne
Brown & Brown
Clark Insurance
Don R Jensen And Co

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