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Forging and Stamping




Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing


Industries in the Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing subsector transform metal into intermediate or end products, other than machinery, computers and electronics, and metal furniture, or treat metals and metal formed products fabricated elsewhere. Important fabricated metal processes are forging, stamping, bending, forming, and machining, used to shape individual pieces of metal; and other processes, such as welding and assembling, used to join separate parts together. Establishments in this subsector may use one of these processes or a combination of these processes.

The NAICS structure for this subsector distinguishes the forging and stamping processes in a single industry. The remaining industries in the subsector group establishments based on similar combinations of processes used to make products.

The manufacturing performed in the Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing subsector begins with manufactured metal shapes. The establishments in this subsector further fabricate the purchased metal shapes into a product. For instance, the Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing industry starts with wire and fabricates such items.

Within manufacturing there are other establishments that make the same products made by this subsector; only these establishments begin production further back in the production process. These establishments have a more integrated operation. For instance, one establishment may manufacture steel, draw it into wire, and make wire products in the same establishment. Such operations are classified in the Primary Metal Manufacturing subsector.

NAICS CodesNAICS Description
33211Forging and Stamping
33221Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing
33231Plate Work and Fabricated Structural Product Manufacturing
33232Ornamental and Architectural Metal Products Manufacturing
33241Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
33242Metal Tank (Heavy Gauge) Manufacturing
33243Metal Can, Box, and Other Metal Container (Light Gauge) Manufacturing
33251Hardware Manufacturing
33261Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing
33271Machine Shops
33272Turned Product and Screw, Nut, and Bolt Manufacturing
33281Coating, Engraving, Heat Treating, and Allied Activities
33291Metal Valve Manufacturing
33299All Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
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