NAICS Code Lookup

Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing


This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing prefabricated wood buildings and wood sections and panels for prefabricated wood buildings.

NAICS 321992 Cross Reference
General Liability (GL)
57146 Modular Units Mfg.
58397 Prefabricated Building Mfg.
2452 Prefabricated Wood Buildings
NCCI Class Code
2797 Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Manufacturing--Shop Work--All Operations & Drivers
CA Class Code
2812 Cabinet Mfg. — wood
DE Class Code
0305 Carpentry Shop
MI Class Code
NJ Class Code
2802 CARPENTRY – SHOP ONLY – & Drivers
NY Class Code
PA Class Code
0305 Carpentry Shop
TX Class Code
2802 Carpentry--Shop Only & Drivers

Alternate NAICS Descriptions

  • Buildings, prefabricated, wood, manufacturing
  • Chicken coops, prefabricated, wood, manufacturing
  • Corn cribs, prefabricated, wood, manufacturing
  • Farm buildings, prefabricated wood, manufacturing
  • Garages, prefabricated wood, manufacturing
  • Geodesic domes, prefabricated, wood, manufacturing
  • Houses, prefabricated, wood (except mobile homes), manufacturing
  • Log cabins, prefabricated wood, manufacturing
  • Panels, prefabricated wood building, manufacturing
  • Prefabricated homes (except mobile homes), wood, manufacturing
  • Prefabricated wood buildings manufacturing
  • Sauna rooms, prefabricated, wood, manufacturing
  • Sections, prefabricated wood building, manufacturing
  • Sheds, (e.g., garden, storage, utility) prefabricated wood, manufacturing

Related NAICS Codes

  • Fabricating wood buildings or wood sections and panels for buildings at the construction site--are classified in Sector 23, Construction; and
  • Making manufactured homes (i.e., mobile homes)--are classified in U.S. Industry 321991, Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) Manufacturing.