2021 - Q1 Updates - Mobile App, CRM Enhancements, Integrations & New Tools

Welcome to 202WON! The new year brings a new mobile app, a new suite of tools, CRM enhancements & the start of our integrations roll-out. Check out all the details here.

Published 01-10-2021 to New Features

2020 - Q1 Updates (part 2) - New Data & Reports

OSHA & DOT data now available. We also cleaned up Company Relationship matching (additional locations, multi-state, etc) and overhauled the Class & Carrier Reports. Check it out!

Published 01-27-2020 to New Features

2020 - Q1 Updates (part 1) - Search & CRM Enhancements

List Assignment for the business developers, Premium Increase filter and date stamped contact info for the Producers. Just a few new features available for 2020.

Published 01-26-2020 to New Features

2019 - Q1 Updates (part 2) - Historical LCM Filings & Carrier Name Standardization

We recently revamped the LCM database to provide a historical look at your prospect's LCM history. We also standardized all the carrier names across states and terms..sounds simple, but there are an average of 8 spelling variations per carrier..so you're welcome.

Published 04-17-2019 to New Features

2019 - Q1 - Updates to Contact Data & Interface

NEW DATA! We just cross referenced employee benefit data (health/retirement) for contact information and added to the WC database. New features for 2019 include contact voting buttons, Carrier Group color-coding in the Carrier History section and an LCM Heatmap in the Class Report section.

Published 04-17-2019 to New Features

2018 - Q2 - New Features

We recently released an update to xdate offering to let you hit the ground running for Q2.  New dashboard functions, and features. New tools for the Agency, and new states. Beta release of our Form 5500 Retirement and Health benefits data. Expanding your access to Workers Comp data using data visualization and analytics.

Published 03-26-2018 to New Features