2018 - Q2 - New Features

Published 03-26-2018 into New Features
We recently released an update to xdate offering to let you hit the ground running for Q2.  

Agent Dashboard
We have expanding the features and functionality  of the main dashboard.  New features include:
  • Groups - You can now add businesses to user created groups to keep track of businesses in different markets, marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Filters - These allow you to filter the sections of the dashboard down to just what you are looking for.  Type the name of a company, saved search, or group in the filter field and anything that matches will be shown.
  • Sorting - You can sort the companies in the 'Latest Flags' block by using the sort drop-down.
  • Appointments - Event dates and times can be set for the appointment and followup flags.  These events will show on the dashboard calendar, and will be included as a reminder in your weekly email.
  • Quarterly Leaderboard - This shows how you are performing for the quarter compared to your colleagues.  Enter the premium for a prospect to maintain a tally and see how you are doing.

Example graphs from AgencyDash. Graphs can be cross-filtered by clicking a field on the graph. Additional graphs available include a breakdown by agent and location.This allows you to see a detailed view of how the agency, and individuals are performing.  See who is targeting what class or location, and who is working the prospects through the funnel to a written account.

New States
We have added four new states, Alabama, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Missouri

Form 5500 Retirement & Benefits
We have release into beta and early version of our Form 5500 prospecting data for retirement and health benefits.  We are in the early stages of development, so if your agency provides benefits we hope you will take a look and provide feedback.

Features You May Have Missed

Sample of the data visualization and analytics.
  • Visualizations - Find new markets, visualize opportunities, know what the competition is doing. You can drill down deep into our workers comp data to get a broad picture of a market, or pinpoint select companies to target.
The possibilities are endless.  For example, you can find what carriers are killing it in what class.  You could see who has been with the same carrier for the last 10 years, which could mean 10 years was the last time they shopped for insurance.  You can also spot carriers moving into new territory.  

  • Class Reports - When looking at a prospect listing, click the class report tab at the top right of the listing to get an overview of the class.

  • Auto Dial - When this is enabled whenever a prospect listing is opened it will automatically trigger a phone call if you have dialing software installed on your computer.  Alternatively, you can use our VoIP calling, using a headset connected to your computer, to make your prospecting calls.