2021 - Q1 Updates - Mobile App, CRM Enhancements, Integrations & New Tools

Published 01-10-2021 into New Features

We have an iPhone APP! Android will be out soon.

Groups & Searches have been consolidated to provide more room for the Calendar

Scheduled Appointments & Follow Ups will only appear on the calendar – skipping the scheduling will continue to add them to you Latest Flags

Appts/Follow ups will no longer override the other Flags (saved, quoting, etc). So, a business you are quoting will remain in your Latest Flags while also having an active follow up or appt scheduled.

The ‘Next Year’ flag has been added back by request. This flag ‘closes’ the sales cycle (removes account from your Latest Flags) and otherwise acts as a Follow Up, which can be scheduled to your calendar.

Recolored flags for better differentiation

Calendar integrations are now available with 5 platforms supported. CRM integrations are in production.

Added a ‘Quick Find’ section to the Search menu - Is the business you called an hour ago actually calling you back?! Do a (quick) phone search to see! We’ve also added the FEIN for look up (because why not).

‘Google it’ link next to Contact Phone #’s

Contact editing – you can now edit or actually delete Xdate’s contact info. (you're actually just hiding it from your view, we'd be insane to give you that kind of power)

AgencyDash has been added back by request. We plan to make incremental improvements to this.

X-State isn’t new anymore but we never really mentioned it. This report is available when a multi-state operation is identified, concise and visual.

Updated Settings menu. You can now edit/update user accounts. 

Assign prospects by stage.

PipeBurst – in beta, Pb is a new suite of tools to assist in the Submission process. Keep track and make use of opportunity specific info like incumbent agency. Use the Loss Runs section to easily keep track of prior coverage and quickly generate a Release letter, preloaded with Carrier contacts. Use the Submissions section to coordinate with Marketing on open tasks and quote statuses.

New Marketing license to complement PipeBurst. This provides access to assigned accounts only and is free of charge.

New User Guide

Playing with AI

2020 Q4 update included:

Interface overhaul

Addition of industry cross references in modal

Multi-state operation visibility & report

Search enhancements

‘Google it’ link for business name

Google Maps link for address