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New York Class Code 8868 Rate History

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0.440 2020-10-01
0.430 2018-10-01

New York Class Code 8868 Cross Reference

Find industry codes related to the 8868 Class Code in New York. This includes General Liability, NAICS, and SIC codes, as well as related Class Codes from other states.

General Liability (GL)

41716 Day Care Centers--Not-For-Profit Only
41715 Day Care Centers--Other Than Not-For-Profit
97003 Laboratories--Research, Development or Testing--Not-For-Profit Only
67508 Schools--Colleges, Universities, Junior Colleges or College Preparatory Other Than Not-For-Profit
47468 Schools--Correspondence
47471 Schools--Public--Elementary, Kindergarten or Junior High
47474 Schools--Trade or Vocational


8351 Child Day Care Services
8221 Colleges and Universities
8211 Elementary and Secondary Schools
8249 Vocational Schools, Nec
8243 Data Processing Schools
7231 Beauty Shops
8299 Schools and Educational Services


624410 Child Day Care Services
541720 Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities
611310 Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
611410 Business and Secretarial Schools
611110 Elementary and Secondary Schools
611513 Apprenticeship Training
611420 Computer Training
611511 Cosmetology and Barber Schools
611610 Fine Arts Schools
611430 Professional and Management Development Training

NCCI Class Code

8869 Child Care Center--All Employees Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers.
8868 School--Professional Employees & Clerical

CA Class Code

8868 Colleges or Schools — private — academic professionals
8875 Public Colleges or Schools

DE Class Code

0978 Camps, Summer Or Winter, N.O.C
0891 Child Care Or Early Education
0965 Colleges Or School, N.O.C.

MI Class Code


NJ Class Code


PA Class Code

0978 Camps, Summer Or Winter, N.O.C
0891 Child Care Or Early Education
0965 Colleges Or School, N.O.C.

TX Class Code

8868 School--Professional Employees
Additional Description

Applies to professional employees of academic, trade or vocational institutions of learning. Also includes professional employees of seminaries, military schools, veterinary schools, correspondence schools, and driver training including truck driving schools. And professional employees of religious organizations such as clergy, their assistance, organists, choir members and clerical.

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