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New Jersey Asbestos Contractor & Drivers – Employees Engaged In Asbestos Removal, Replacement, Repair, Enclosure Or Encapsulation & Drivers Class


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ASBESTOS CONTRACTOR & Drivers – Employees engaged in asbestos removal, replacement, repair, enclosure or encapsulation & Drivers

New Jersey Class Code 5473 Rate History

26.330 2021-01-01
26.330 2020-01-01
24.500 2019-01-01

New Jersey Class Code 5473 Cross Reference

Find industry codes related to the 5473 Class Code in New Jersey. This includes General Liability, NAICS, and SIC codes, as well as related Class Codes from other states.

General Liability (GL)

95630 Hazardous Material Contractors


4953 Refuse Systems
1799 Special Trade Contractors, Nec


562211 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
562910 Remediation Services

NCCI Class Code

5473 Asbestos Removal Operations--Contractor--NOC & Drivers
5472 Asbestos Removal Operations--Contractor--Pipe and Boiler Work Exclusively & Drivers

CA Class Code

5473 Asbestos Abatement

DE Class Code

NY Class Code


PA Class Code

0651 Carpentry- Commercial Structures
0663 Plumbing

TX Class Code

5479 Insulation Work NOC & Drivers
5183 Sprinkler Installation & Drivers

New Jersey Class Code 5473 Market Summary

Below is a list of carriers who are active in the Class Code 5473 in New Jersey. The data includes the number of accounts a carrier has in the Class, the carrier's market share in the Class, as well as the change in the number of accounts from the previous year. Where available, premium is also shown, with market share, and change from the previous year.

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