Don't Fake the Funk on your Company Page

Published 03-01-2020 into Case Studies & Usage Examples
It's pretty simple.  If you say your company size is 51-200 employees on Linkedin, you better have more than 1 employee (on linkedin) to show for it.  Below is from a new client's Company page.  He writes 'a ton' of small property in NYC and feels he is ready to hunt big game.  Granted this person appears to utilize available technology (like Xdate), and automate a fair amount of service, we're not here to discuss whether or not his resources can support the big game service needs.  It's a moot point because his credibility is shot.  

Insurance buyers may not actively search out unknown agencies for alternative options, but if they're considering you (your agency), you're at least getting googled.  If I look up your company and see this, I'm thinking one of two things, and neither are good.  You're either lying about your size, or you're going to screw up my applications because you can't even click the right option in a drop-down menu, and clearly don't check your work.  None of which are qualities I'm looking for in an insurance agent.


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