Carrier Report is Now Available

Published 01-27-2020 into Agent Resources

The Carrier Report focuses on trends of the prospect’s current Carrier (group).  Hover over an area to view more details (tool tips).

Here is a brief summary of each section:


Carrier Account Volume shows the Carrier’s renewals as they occur over time, and is overlaid with a Serial Difference calculation, which is the net change in volume from the previous term (i.e. if they had 200 accounts on 1/1/19 and have 150 on 1/1/20, the serial difference is -50).  The serial difference correlates with the Carrier Grp Vol Change by Industry graph.


Carrier Grp Vol Change breaks down won and lost accounts by industry.  In this example you can see the Carrier is not looking to fight for construction accounts.


PolicyCountCh-ByIndustry is a year to year comparison by industry.  This correlates with the previous graph for a 1 year snapshot.


LCM Change Over Time is the same graph as found in the Class Report, but aggregated for the Carrier Group as opposed to the Class of business.  This report provides the Carrier Grp’s rate trend over time.


LCM Change Over Time-Top3Ind breaks down the LCM Changes by the top 3 industries for the prospect (the rest grouped together).


PolicyCountCh-LCM shows a year to year comparison by LCM bucket.


All 3 of these charts indicate the Carrier is increasing rate.

Carrier LCMs – pretty self-explanatory.  It provides available LCM filing by underwriting company of the Carrier Group you’re looking at.


Carrier LCM History – more self-explanatory LCM stuff, increases/decreases, etc.


Carrier Won From and Lost Biz are your Carrier standings – who has this carrier won biz from and who have they lost to the most.