Does cold calling work? I want to do an Email Blast or Direct Mail Campaign. Does that work?

Published 04-24-2019 into Cold Calling
It's pretty simple.  Cold calling works.  Cold calling in that 60-120 day renewal range works even better.  Some guys call off-xdate just to call at a more appropriate time a-la 'I called 6 months ago and you said your renewal was in 9 months, and to call about 90 days before'.  You're not selling magazines, after all.  You're providing a more comprehensive proposal that, when compared to your incumbent, is more cost effective while delivering better coverage and eliminating that endorsement exclusion (whatever that is) your prospect didn't have an option to buy back nor know they had in the first place.  Your program could be the deciding factor for that business to hire another employee - this is literally the life blood of a business.

I wrote my first account 14 years ago (4/1/05), but it wasn't the first time I worked it.  Their WC was up in January.  I couldn't even get a quote for it (tire dealer, inner city).  But I pressed on.  

Larry:  "Well you wasted my time on the WC, why should I bother with the Package?"

Me:  "Because our agency just got assigned a new underwriter at Harleysville, and all they want to do is grow.  We've come this far and I don't need much more info to get a quote (or a no), I think it's worth a shot."  

I got the quote, I got the account, and the check.  It wasn't pretty, but insurance often isn't.  Just try this nuanced communication via email or direct mail.  I would have never gotten in without the phone.  (side note this account is still on my boss's books, as of 2019 - I know how to pick them).  

I never sent that guy a letter, or an email, but I did fax him some b/s.  Then I called, and called again.  Maybe what I faxed was compelling, but he was never going to call back.  He was to busy slinging tires (i.e. selling) to be bothered reinventing his insurance wheel.  Then I came along-  failed on the WC, remained persistent with the means available, eventually explained the difference between E&S and Standard Property coverage, got him interested.  

Ultimately my coverage matched his property but I smoked them on the GL and Auto with a mono-line Umbrella that was untouchable (is EZ Umbrella still around??  Preferred Concepts??).  $30k in total savings..I even had a $2k fee built in..padding..though my boss said I left money on the table.  Looking back I did well for a green-horn punk.  Picked up the WC a year later.  

So if you want to do a direct mail or email campaign, GREAT!  But don't think that's the end of the line.  Unless you've got a reputation that precedes you, less than 2% will have to FOLLOW UP.  Doesn't matter who you are.  Need help keeping track of your activity?  Check out this video on the Pipeline Management features available to all users.  

I know high-six figure closer's still hitting those phones.  They just do it less often than you, because they found a process that works for them.  It's an insurance merry-go-round, no straight lines, just full circles.  What was a waste of time last year is a great opportunity this year, and vice-versa.  Programs get cold, people fall off ladders, and agents fall asleep at the wheel.  You just need to be there when it happens.