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Published 11-14-2016 into Case Studies & Usage Examples


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John produces in the great state of TX.  He is an agency owner that has partnered with several other agencies to share resources, a cluster or group.  John is a minority within our users.  While most are looking to write all lines of coverage, where the real commission is made, John focuses purely on Workers Comp.

‘My target market is 7 figure WC, $500k minimum.  The more distressed the better.  These are accounts that have a lot of exposure, high hazard and are feeling the pain from a lack of risk management or guidance from their agent.  I start off with a mailing campaign that goes out within the first 2 weeks after their renewal.  It is a brief introduction about who I am, my process in simple terms, and ends with a simple question – are you satisfied with your WC renewal?  About half a page.’

John went on to say the response rate is high.  ‘If they just received an unexpected increase they respond.  It is still fresh in their minds and they are happy to rant about it.  At this point I now have 10 months to build rapport with the prospect.  It seems like a lot of time, but depending on the complexity of the business and their current state of affairs it is the minimum amount of time needed.’ 

Out of curiosity I asked John why he focuses only on WC.  ‘My agency is a team.  Depending on the situation my AE may handle the other lines of coverage with my oversight.  Otherwise I will bring in my partner or another producer to work the other lines.  All of this comes back to the risk management expertise I have and additional level of service we provide our clients.  The prospects in my market rarely make their decision based on price, and one person alone will never meet their needs.’

How do you make use of Insurance Xdate?

I have one saved search with about 75 class codes.  I run it monthly, export and load it into my internal marketing software, which is custom built on Salesforce.  I have had this set up for many years so I am more or less using Xdate to update the WC data on prospects already existing in my database and add new ones.  All producers work directly off Salesforce, which automatically delegates the lists based on predefined criteria.  With a couple clicks I can flag businesses I want to work on personally and the rest go into an automated drip campaign. 

Have you seen an increase anywhere in the new business production cycle since using Insurance Xdate?

Before Insurance Xdate I would hire college students to do this manually.  Xdate is significantly more cost effective and reliable.  I pay less money for more prospects and more data.