Export Options

Published 08-21-2016 into Insurance Xdate FYI

The above is a color-coded example of the export output.

Basic Exporting is included in your Master Account.  Out of the box you can export for a direct mail campaign or load it into your CRM and start making cold-calls.  These fields are highlighted in yellow and include the business Name, Address, Phone, policy Expiration Date, and Industry/Class data. 


When you add the Carrier Search add-on the Carrier data is added to your export.  These fields are highlighted in orange.  This includes the Current Carrier, their latest LCM filing and Standard WC Premium (as available). 


The Export Pkg is the final stop.  These fields are highlighted in blue.  It adds the # of EE and Sales Volume estimates, all available Contact data including contact Name/Title and email addresses, and either the bureau ID (as available) or system generated ID, which acts as a unique identifier for preventing duplicates when updating your CRM or marketing software.