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LCM Rate

LCMs have the largest effect on your WC costs. Carriers file LCM's which are multiplied with the state approved Loss Costs for your employment classifications to create your policy rates. Carrier Groups have several Carrier Tier's each with their own filing, allowing their underwriters to price aggressively to overly prudent depending on the risk.

  • The LCM of the Current Carrier is Higher than 79% of peers.
  • Shopping around for a carrier that would provide a more competative tier would make sense.
  • LCM Increased by more than 75% of peers.
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Market Competitiveness

We measure relative change (when a business chooses a different WC provider), and market share distribution over a rolling 24 months as compared to it's industry and state level activity to determine how competitive carriers are for your class of business.

  • 15% of peers have changed carriers since last year.
  • Of those who changed carriers, 2.8% decreased their LCM vs those who stayed with their current provider who saw a 2.6% increase.
  • Current Carrier's market share is in the 99th percentile at 15.2% of the market.

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