CORONA, CA 92883

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Term Carrier Premium


(158) 603-3898

Industry Classification

Retirement Benefits


BOY Assets: $ 141,826
Liabilities: $ 0
EE Contrib: $ 72,761 $ 59,694
Emp Contrib: $ 32,565 $ 88,946
Income/Loss: $ 38,020 $ 38,750
Total Income: $ 143,346 $ 552,131
Paid Benefits: $ 1,415 $ 707
Expenses: $ 0
  Commission: $ 0 $ 106
Net Income: $ 141,931 $ 144,067
Net Assets: $ 283,757 $ 806,838


Total Participants:1878
Active Part.:1734
Retired Part.:a
Deceased Part.:ed


No Insurance Coverage


No Providers


    2A - Age/Service Weighted or new comparability or similar plan - Age/Service Weighted Plan: Allocations are based on age, service, or age and service. New comparability or similar plan: Allocations are based on participant classifications and a classification(s) consists entirely or predominantly of highly compensated employees; or the plan provides an additional allocation rate on compensation above a specified threshold, and the theshold or additional rate exceeds the maximum threshold or rate allowed under the permitted disparity rules of section 401(l).

    2E - Profit-sharing

    2G - Total participant-directed account plan - Participants have the opportunity to direct the investment of all the assets allocated to their individual accounts, regardless of whether 29 CFR 2550.404c-1 is intended to be met.

    2J - Code section 401(k) feature - A cash or deferred arrangement described in Code section 401(k) that is part of a qualified defined contribution plan that provides for an election by employees to defer part of their compensation or receive these amounts in cash.

    2K - Stock bonusCode section 401(m) arrangement - Employee contributions are allocated to separate accounts under the plan or employer contributions are based, in whole or in part, on employee deferrals or contributions to the plan. Not applicable if plan is 401(k) plan with only QNECs and/or QMACs. Also not applicable if Code section 403(b)(1), 403(b)(7) or 408 arrangements/accounts/annuities.

    2T - Total or partial participant-directed account plan - plan uses default investment account for participants who fail to direct assets in their account.

    3D - Pre-approved pension plan - A master, prototype, or volume submitter plan that is the subject of a favorable opinion or advisory letter from the IRS.